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Three Bold Predictions for the 2012 Chicago Bears

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The 2011 season is over. In November, it held so much promise. The Bears' arrow pointed up, and they held their future in their own hands. Well, that is, right up until Jay Cutler couldn't hold anything in his right hand.

There's no reason to recap the rest of that nightmare here, so instead, let's look ahead. I'm here for you with three incredibly bold (and way too early) predictions for your 2012 Chicago Bears.

Jay Cutler will throw for 4000+ yards

A reinvigorated Jay Cutler will be out to silence critics once and for all. With the new flexibility allowed by new OC Mike Tice's system, Cutler will be able to put his considerable football smarts to use, and read defense with a level of command he hasn't had since he was in Denver. This rediscovered ability coupled with his athleticism will help Jay exploit the defenses the Bears face in 2012, and allow them to keep better pace with the explosive offenses of GB, DET, and NO, amongst others.

Two Defensive Linemen will have double digit sacks

Peppers...and ? Whoever it is, a boosted defensive line will piggyback off of the offense's newfound success. Being able to count on the offense, and not being required to carry the team, the entire squad of "rush men" will play attacking, hungry defense, something that was missing with their unfortunate need to limit themselves, lest they make a mistake.

Devin Hester and Johnny Knox will combine for 1800 yards receiving

(if the Bears don't get a new #1)

Again, this is predicated on the newly modified offensive scheme. The two top downfield threats will be allowed to do what they do There will be less asking them to run every route on the tree, and remember complex motions and formations while lining up. They'll take their spot, and if the opportunity for a burner comes up...they'll take it.

What do you think? Too bold? Not bold enough? Predictions of your own? Leave them below.