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Mocking the Mocks: Who they think the Chicago Bears will take

It's that time of year again, the off season. And although the Bears off season came much quicker than many of us had thought, the next few months will bring a renewed hope as we look towards the 2012 season. Hopefully the injured Bears will all bounce back. Hopefully the new GM will attack free agency and fill needs with good players. And hopefully the new GM will draft the Bears some offensive talent for a change. In this ongoing series we'll take a peek at mock drafts from all around to see how they have the Bears spending their 19th pick in the draft...

...and with the 19th pick in the Sports Illustrated Mock Draft, the Chicago Bears select Michael Floyd, WR, Notre Dame...

As a caveat to their mock, they are including some underclassmen that haven't officially declared yet. Here's what they had to say about Floyd from the above link;

The NFL seems to have trouble evaluating Notre Dame products, but Floyd fits the mold of the tall, fast receiver the Bears need.

I would be OK with this pick, and I could see the Bears going this direction if the actual draft fell this way. Floyd is the #2 ranked wide out on most boards, and he goes 6'3" and 224. His size makes him tough to press, but some scouts worry about his is top end speed.

Check out the full SI Mock and let us know if you agree with the Floyd selection, and if not be sure to tell us who you think they should have selected with the mocked 19th pick.