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Chicago Bears announce four General Manager candidates

Per the team's Twitter account, the Chicago Bears will be interviewing Phil Emery, Jason Licht, Jimmy Raye and Marc Ross.

Jason Licht is the Director of Pro Personnel for the New England Patriots. Licht started with the Pats in 1998 as a scout, then worked his way up the ranks before leaving for the Eagles and Cardinals for a few years between 2002-2007. He then rejoined the team in 2008.

Phil Emery rose from the college scouting ranks, and is currently the Kansas City Chiefs Director of College Scouting. He has over 30 years of football experience.

Jimmy Raye has most recently been the Director of Player Personnel with the San Diego Chargers. He is a highly-respected executive in the league, despite being in a somewhat unstable environment in sunny south California.

Marc Ross is also a veteran of college scouting, having spent years with the Giants and Eagles in executive-level scouting roles. He helped contribute to some very successful rosters, and is also well-respected candidate for the team to consider.

And finally, we would be remiss if we didn't mention that, just because these four names were mentioned doesn't mean that the Bears won't consider other candidates as well, including their own internal candidate Tim Ruskell.

Stay tuned...