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The Bears Den: January 13, 2012

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"...where it's like Friday the 13th every day."

Bears made right call by elevating Tice Potash: If not for Brian Billick, Tice’s coaching career might never have started.

Ranking the Bears' GM Candidates Hendricks: The main thing the Bears need is someone who will consistently deliver in drafts, because that's how the best teams in the NFL have been built. Free agency can only add so much.

Thayer on Offense Tom tells us that having Tice as the new OC is a good thing.

Coordinate your game: Follow WCG on the Twitter.

Clock ticking on 'vintage' LBs Biggs: Fourth in a 10-part series.The ability to make opponents one-dimensional kept the Bears in games this season.

Van Pelt in the passing-game coordinator discussion Moon: Bucs' quarterbacks coach Alex Van Pelt is under strong consideration and expected to be interviewed for the new Bears’ passing-game coordinator job. Biggs on Bears GM, Madden speaks, more...

Tim Tebow is For Real, Lovie Smith is a Good Coach Just in case you can't get enough Madden. Boom!

Four Downs: Ruskell a legit GM option? The ESPN Bears writers play Fact or Fiction. It's a fact and I have proof.

Thayer Wouldn’t Rule Out Joining Bears As O-Line Coach WSCR: With Mike Tice taking over as offensive coordinator, the Bears must fill the role of offensive line coach.

Steinberg files for bankruptcy Sports agent Leigh Steinberg, who represented many of the NFL's biggest stars and was the inspiration for the movie 'Jerry Maguire,' has filed for bankruptcy protection, unable to show them the money.

Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers has the look of '60s dynasty Rothschild: If you have ever considered starting a Bucket List, this might be a good place to start because reading it will probably make you want to reach for a bucket.

2012 Free Agent Tracker PFF has their FA Tracker up. Cool!

Have a fine, Face-Melting Friday the 13th: (Warning: Not for the squeamish or faint of heart)