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The Bears Den: January 17, 2012

"..where there's rappers in the stairwell."

Licht interviews for Bears GM position Mayer: In their search for a new general manager, the Bears interviewed Patriots director of pro personnel Jason Licht Monday at Halas Hall.

Flaw with Bears might be Smith's ability to get most out of roster Haugh: The surging success of the Giants suggests the flaw with the Bears might not be as much with Jerry Angelo's roster as in coach Lovie Smith's ability to get the most out of it.

Martz retires from coaching Jensen: Thirty-eight years ­after starting his career at a ­Fresno, Calif., high school, Mike Martz decided to ­retire from coaching Monday.

Twitter: WCG: Follow it.

Bears don't let Jon Hoke interview for Vikings' defensive coordinator job Biggs: The Bears declined a request by the Vikings to interview defensive backs coach Jon Hoke for their vacant defensive coordinator position.

NFL's high-powered offenses falling by wayside in playoffs Bell: Explosive offense ruled in the regular season. Yet that was hardly the Super Bowl ticket for the NFL’s top-scoring teams, the Packers and Saints.

SportsTalk notes: Drops, refs and Pats peaking John 'Moon' Mullin tuned in to NBC SportsTalk Monday and passed along some thoughts from Mike Florio and Brian Westbrook on the Packers, Vikings, Patriots and more.

Saints' loss to 49ers really hurts Rosenberg: Some losses are so bad that when you get home, your dog kicks you.

Report: Chiefs employees live in environment of ‘secrecy, intimidation, and fear’ Farrar: It got lost in the excitement of the divisional round, but there was an amazing story in the Kansas City Star, published on Saturday, about the allegedly negative environment from top to bottom in the Kansas City Chiefs' front office.

Report: Lions' Stafford comeback player of the year Stafford threw for 41 touchdowns against 16 interceptions this season, leading the Lions to a 10-6 record and a trip to the playoffs for the first time since 1999.

Worship of Tebow more like hardship One of the wonders of the Internet is that an acorn can grow into a forest fire in a matter of hours. A certain sports columnist from Chicago — we’ll call him "Rick Morrissey" — writes that Tim Tebow isn’t a good quarterback.

How to Get Over the Loss, Packers Fans Hendricks: Hey there, Packers. We noticed that you lost on Sunday.