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Thoughts From NFL Divisional Playoff Weekend

That was a fun weekend of games... And all things considered it's been a fun playoff run for Bears fans. First the braggadocios, cocky, and some say dirty Detroit Lions were dumped out of the playoffs by the Saints. Then this weekend the Green Bay Packers were pushed around by the Giants. To add a little shine to the loss, they were beat at Lambeau Field. And not to pile on on anything, but they are the only NFL team EVER to go 15-1 then lose their first playoff game.

1) The Broncos have already announced that Tim Tebow will be the starting QB entering camp next year. Would that be necessary if he were, you know, a good QB?

2) I've grown to really enjoy watching the Patriots during the Tom Brady years. It's just an efficient offense run by an exceptional game manager. And for the record I'd love to see the negative connotations removed from the term 'game manager'.

3) The whole rust argument being bandied about by some in regards to the Packers loss is off base. The Giants got after the quarterback and the Packers defense is below average.

4) How good is that Texans defense gonna be? A lot of young aggressive players on that D that can get after the QB. Maybe Peyton Manning will be OK with a trade...

5) I did not expect the 49ers to be able to score with the Saints. The finish to that game was sensational. I'm really starting to think the TE position in the NFL may evolve into more than just a blocker.

6) Staying with the 49ers for one more; How many coaches in the NFL would have called that 4th quarter 3 and 8 QB sweep. What a well executed play.

7) As an old school football soul, it's nice to see NFL defense's stepping up and putting their stamps on these playoff games. Defense may not win championships anymore, but a good one sure as hell can help.

8) The someone hacked my account or someone else used my screen name excuse is tired and lame. Those in the public eye that go that route should be publicly flogged. A New Jersey Assemblyman is the latest to use the excuse. Lame.

9) Detroit's Matthew Stafford is reported to have won the comeback player of the year award. It's well deserved, he's a talented player that will be doing damage in the NFC North for several more years...

10) Jamie Dukes of has weighed in with his draft thoughts for the Bears. He mentions Notre Dame wide receiver Michael Floyd, but ultimately thinks the Bears need to draft either 2 WRs or a top DB. I'd be fine with a receiver and a corner in their first 3 picks.