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Breaking: Pitt's Bob Bostad may not be Named Bears OL Coach

In a series of Tweets from Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun Times it would now appear that Bob Bostad may not be hired by the Chicago Bears to coach the o-line.

I'm told Bob Bostad is on radar for o-line job. But no decision has been made and at least one other college coach in the mix

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Jim Colony, who works for 93.7 The Fan in Pittsburgh Tweeted the following;

My best info is that Bob Bostad is NOT leaving to be the OL coach of ... Pitt will issue a formal denial shortly

It would appear that with the status of Mike Tice still up in the air, the o-line coaching position may be on the back burner. Stay tuned to Windy City Gridiron for more news... and be sure to follow WCG on Twitter.