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Notes, Scribbles, and Things Jotted Down: Week 17, Vikings Edition

  • Since I missed this last week thanks to travel issues, my thoughts on one Josh McCown. I'm not exactly convinced that he's the answer to the Bears' backup woes - his throws seemed more accurate than Hanie's, but still kind of wobbly. At least he was a little better in putting the ball where his receivers could reach them. Through this three-game trial, he's 35-55 for 414 yards and 2 TDs (the majority of that action in two starts), but his 4 INTs are still somewhat alarming and leads to a QB rating of 68.3. I'm not quite sold on him, but he could be an interesting backup piece if offered a camp spot next season.
  • I think for now we're going to go with "Slow down" on the Kahlil Bell love. 3.2 YPC is not the stuff of starting running backs, especially coupled with the three fumbles Bell's had the last two weeks. He's a homeless man's Forte, but that just won't get it done on a consistent basis.
  • As far as the receiving options go, there was hardly any time in the game where a receiver had a clear spot to get to a ball - Bears' receivers either had someone on top of them or ready to hit them as soon as they came to the ball. If Sam Hurd's old spot opens up again, there needs to be a consistent difference maker installed in the corps.
  • The Bears allowed seven sacks. It almost felt like J'Marcus Webb allowed all seven - Jared Allen abused him like a rag doll in every way possible and then some. I just don't see how Webb can be a favorite to start at left tackle next year - in the NFL, the left tackle is expected to handle an end one-on-one. Webb required two tight ends on his side to help against Allen, and that was after Allen picked up his three and a half sacks. I think he can be a decent swing tackle, but I can't imagine him starting next season.
  • So Tim Jennings finally caught an almost-interception. 'Bout time.
  • Speaking of interceptions, nice to see DJ Moore closing games out with interceptions like he did early in the year.
  • Am I crazy to say Israel Idonije had the best game on the line, and not Peppers? I'm just hard pressed to think of anything defensively Peppers did in the game, not counting the blocked FG. Oh wait, there was that time he almost had Joe Webb wrapped up and Webb eluded him far too easily, then completed a lengthy pass.
  • The defensive tackles really need to show up better, though. All four that recorded a tackle only picked up 6 total tackles combined, and no tackles for loss.
  • Regarding the Urlacher injury, I don't blame Major Wright. They both were going for the ball and the two came down awkwardly - it's a freak occurrence that just doesn't happen often.
  • In between the last four bullets, Jared Allen just got around J'Marcus Webb again.
  • Joe Webb is an elusive little quarterback. Not a franchise guy by any means, but he can keep plays alive and seems to work best when plays break down and a receiver comes to him. Were he on my team, I might enjoy watching him a little more. As is, it's annoying to watch him avoid pass rushers.
  • Don't look at Devin Aromashodu's 3-for-53 day without looking at A) him being tied with two others on the team with three catches, B) Percy Harvin's ten-catch day, and C) his three catches compared to eleven targets. He is who the Bears let go.
  • Gasp. The Bears got off the field on third down. On defense.
  • Both teams had three turnovers. The difference is the Bears took advantage of the one Charles Tillman took to the end zone.
  • The Bears weren't penalized until the third quarter, and only four times for 20 yards. Express shock and awe.
  • One of the Vikings penalties was on a defensive lineman playing gunner on special teams making a block as Hester called for the fair catch. He didn't see it and kept playing.
  • Speaking of Hester, he had a miserable game both receiving (dropping a pass) and returning (stopped at the 2, negated by a penalty). I know Hester's a fantastic returner when he's on... but sometimes I'll admit I would not be against having a player who's decent at returns but also contributes offensively like a Desean Jackson or Percy Harvin. Love his instincts, but he just doesn't have enough technique to get by and learn on the fly in the NFL.

That's what I've got. What's on your minds this Monday morning?