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Phil Emery Reported As Leading Candidate for Bears' GM Position

Earlier today, Sean Jensen reported that according to the "hunches of three league sources," Phil Emery is the leading candidate to replace Jerry Angelo.

I kid you not, those were the exact words he used.

Among the reasons cited are his similar profile to Ted Thompson, his work ethic, his familiarity with the current existing scouting staff, and his tendency to not reveal much to the media.

It's important to note that two of the Bears' interviewees this week - the Patriots' Jason Licht and the Giants' Marc Ross - are still in the playoffs. Without the team's permission they couldn't be named as GM until their teams are eliminated, and both are apparently still in the running.

I really don't have much of an opinion here as to who I'd prefer the team name as GM, but Emery doesn't sound like he'd be a bad pickup. I'm a little surprised to see they aren't interviewing any additional candidates, but if they feel like one of the five is their man, well, they're more experienced in running an NFL franchise than I am.

I do admit I wish Emery had a little more experience in other areas of running a team - in each of his 14 years in the NFL, he's either been a scout or the Director of College Scouting - but at least that means he should have a clear advantage in the draft. (Or more like he knows college football exists outside of Abilene Christian.)

So what do you think? Would you be satisfied with Phil Emery as Bears' GM? (h/t to MWM54 for FanShotting last night.)