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The House's Crystal Ball

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In what has turned out to be a tumultuous offseason for the Chicago Bears, from firing Jerry Angelo to the continued trouble in finding and hiring coaches, we've seen a lot of primary moves without many follow-up moves to replace the hole left by the first action. I found a crystal ball while I was cleaning out my basement this weekend and I decided to look deep into it, channel my inner-Miss. Cleo and see if I can spot what moves the Bears have coming, follow me below and perhaps you have a crystal ball of your own and would like to share what you see..warning the future may be a little cloudy (oooh, see what I did there)....

First let's take care of that GM thing, I see the Bears will hire the Chiefs' Phil Emery. Reports surfaced over the weekend that he was the favorite and the crystal ball believes it. The Bears seem content with who they have talked to and while Bears fans want Marc Ross, perhaps the Bears don't want to wait for the Giants to give permission to leave his current post or maybe the Bears just weren't as impressed as they were with Emery, who worked for the Bears in the past.

Next, I see that Emery will try to deliver Dwayne Bowe to the Bears in free agency. Emery has been with the Chiefs and maybe he can get his new team the inside track on the big wideout.

I don't think Emery will shy away from drafting a wide receiver in the first round either, depending on who is available. Emery was a part of the front office that came out and drafted Pitt's Jonathan Baldwin. But I am not going to predict the draft yet, my crystal ball doesn't see that far ahead.

I do think that the Bears try to bring in more than one WR though and perhaps if Bowe falls through or even not, the Bears go after Mario Manningham of the Giants. Manningham is the number three guy behind Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks and would probably like a chance to get out of their shadow.

The crystal ball shows Mike Tice not leaving the Bears for the Raiders. He will be the Bears' play caller next year.

The crystal ball shows that there will be no free agent offensive linemen brought, at least major ones. However a high draft pick is likely spent on a tackle or guard. It seems there are no great free agents that the Bears wouldn't have to out-bid other teams for.

The crystal ball says we haven't seen the last of Matt Forte in Chicago either. The new GM and contract guru Cliff Stein won't let him get away, even if he does sit under the franchise tag for a little while.

Lastly, as for the other Bears' free agents the crystal ball says the following:

Corey Graham - Bears try, but fail to hold onto him

Craig Steltz - Re-signs

Kahlil Bell - Re-signs

Amobi Okoye - Re-signs

Kellen Davis - Re-signs

Izzy Idonije - Re-signs

Josh McCown - Too cloudy to see...

Zachary Bowman, Roy Williams, Tim Jennings, Caleb Hanie, and Brandon Merriweather all leave and we don't miss them. Hanie is seen trying to latch on with a CFL team.

The new GM will be looking hard at bringing in some new blood into the secondary, on the offensive line and at the wide receiver position, the crystal shows. This should be an interesting couple months now.

How do you read the Bears' near-future?