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Thoughts From NFL Conference Championship Weekend

Those were a couple of exciting games for Conference Championship Sunday. The nice thing about this particular weekend is no over-hyped two week build up, and the games themselves actually matter. Super Bowl Sunday is an event. Many times the game seems like an afterthought with all the peripheral stuff going on. The 5 hour pre-game show, the sappy cover stories, what act is singing at the pre-game concert, the National Anthem, the half time show. Then there's the commercials, the food, the parties... actually I'm rather fond of the food. On to my thoughts!

1) I'll bet ESPN is happy with the New York and Boston market being in the Super Bowl... But they're frantically trying to figure out any way they can get Tim Tebow injected into the coverage these next two weeks?

2) Speaking of Tebow, and I promise this will be the last Tebow mention of the post, but do you realize that with Bengals rookie QB Andy Dalton being named to the AFC Pro Bowl that Timmy is one AFC QB from dropping out from getting the all star nod?

3) It was nice to see some defense being played in the games this weekend. I still think the NFL has made too many rule changes for the old mantra; Defense wins championships, to hold true, but it was nice none the less.

4) I'm just speaking from personal experiences on this one, but it sure seems like there are a lot of bandwagon Patriot fans out there that jumped on when they started their excellence under Bill Belichick and Tom Brady.

5) Has Eli Manning done enough to me mentioned with the games best quarterbacks? I've always thought no, but his season numbers and subsequent run through the playoffs has me thinking yes.

6) Anyone sad there won't be a Harbaugh Bowl? Anyone besides Jack that is...

7) Why is it the Bears always allow their former players to leave and coach elsewhere? Does the organization not recognize potential coaching talent when they are in Halas Hall? Who is the last former player that they kept around to coach?

8) Kyle Williams can not be 49er next year.

9) Vince Wilfork is the largest man in football.

10) Did anyone else catch the slow motion run from the Giants punter after the game winning kick and read his lips? Pure unadulterated and vulgar joy, thanks FOX.