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Bears Officially Update GM Search Process: Emery, Licht for Second Interviews; Raye,Ross, Ruskell Out

Leave it to the Bears, that's for sure. If there's a way for the hiring of a position to become as messy and convoluted as possible, by goodness, they're going to do their best to find a way to make that happen.

After an...interesting afternoon of news, rumor, and hearsay, the Bears have officially announced that they're bringing back two individuals for secondary interviews for the position, and by this notion, have seemingly eliminated three of their first round interviews. has this tidbit:

LM: Bears bringing GM candidates Phil Emery and Jason Licht back to Halas Hall for second interviews this week.

Emery and Licht are coming back--Raye, Ross and Ruskell are seemingly all out. This is some good news for a lot of folks.

It still seems like Emery is the man to beat right now, particularly given his time with the organization prior. Obviously the success of the New England Franchise over the last decade is giving them something to think about, as well.

The secondary interviews are scheduled for this week, so we're likely not looking at a decision until Thursday or Friday.