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NFL to Allow Players To Tweet During Pro Bowl

It's almost a shame that Chad Ochocinco and Chris Harris won't be playing in the Pro Bowl this year.

All season long it's been the NFL's policy to not allow players to tweet during games. Darren Rovell reported earlier today that for the Pro Bowl, this policy will not stand - players will be allowed to tweet during the Pro Bowl.

The players won't be able to use their own mobile devices or anything - rather, there will be one designated area with a designated computer station per sideline for players to tweet from, which will be surprisingly non sponsored. You'd think if there'd be a way to profit, right...?

According to Brad Biggs on the NFP, it's a move designed to increase interest in an annual event that is almost as ignored as the fourth preseason game. Though according to Rovell again, it's outdrawn the MLB All-Star Game in viewership in each of the last two years.

What do you guys think about players using Twitter during the actual game? Twitter makes it more fun to follow the games (and if you don't already follow Mike Periera and WCG, what's wrong with you?), but do they need to allow players to tweet to bring more interest to the game?