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The Bears Den: January 3, 2012

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"...where it's like a bride's nightie: up and down."

Smith doesn't think overhaul is needed Mayer: Coach Lovie Smith reiterated Monday that he believes the Bears can rebound from their disappointing 8-8 season without making wholesale changes.

Toub to interview for Dolphins head coaching job Biggs: Other teams may have interest in detail-oriented special teams coordinator.

Lovie Smith can do without Mike Martz Haugh: Bears coach Lovie Smith should see how he can be a better head coach without the specter of Mike Martz running the offense.

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Things went south quickly when Cutler, Forte were injured Pompei: It was a season of ups and downs for Bears' offense.

Bears coach positively maddening Isaacson: Lovie Smith favors relentless optimism over hard truths. Seifert's Free Head Exam: Chicago Bears

Urlacher Has Ligament Damage Hendricks: Brian Urlacher's knee injury looked frightening at first, but the news from the Bears star is good.

Conte's cast will come off today Dickerson: Chris Conte ready to get back to work after his cast is removed Tuesday.

Forte uncertain about his future status with the Bears Dickerson: Matt Forte did not sound optimistic on Monday about the prospects of reaching an agreement with the club on a new long-term contract.

Re-Focused: Bears @ Vikings, Week 17 Monson: The Bears came out to play, and despite Jared Allen going for the single season sack record, and getting triple teamed in the process, had enough to beat the Vikings.

Martz vs. Ron Turner -- You make the call Is Mike Martz really a good coordinator or was it just the talent he had to work with? John "Moon" Mullin examines Martz's 2011 season by comparing it to Ron Turner's 2006.

NFL playoff questions by the dozen Bell: The playoffs open this weekend and 12 teams remain on the road to Super Bowl XVLI. All have questions.

Even after firings, Rams, Bucs not that far off from winning ways Banks: There was little surprise factor that the Rams' Steve Spagnuolo and the Bucs' Raheem Morris were the first two head coaches fired on the NFL's Black Monday, given that their fate had appeared determined for at least a couple weeks now.

We Can't Be Beaten: