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Thoughts From NFL Week 17: Chicago Bears and beyond

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As a Bears fan, I'm really glad the 2011 season is over (I'm not the only one). Excruciating is a word that comes to mind when I look back on the year. But, it's over and a wise man once said; "Those that live in the past are cowards and losers.", so they'll be no mourning from me. And if you don't know who said that, google will be able to help you out.

On to the regular season finale of my NFL Thoughts.

1) After a few week stretch where I was spreading the gospel of Tim Tebow, I thought I'd spotlight a picture of him being sacked. With the Steelers up next for the Broncos, I'd like to put the over/under at Tebow sacks at 4, and the over/under on when Tebow will be pulled from the game at 7:00 in the 3rd. That game will get ugly, but I'll have my playoff picks later this week.

2) Did anyone really think the Cowboys would beat the Giants for the NFC East title on Sunday Night? That Dallas team may be the biggest collection of underachievers ever.

3) What a great season for the tight end in the NFL, the position has really come into it's own these last few years with coaches taking advantage of favorable match-ups with their big athletic players. Then there's the Mike Martz system... ugh... Hopefully the Bears new offense will actually, you know, utilize the TE.

4) I'm really glad the Jets missed the playoffs.

5) Matt Flynn is about to get PAID! I remember when Flynn was drafted, 7th round in 2008, many wondered why the Packers would select a QB, let alone two (they also took Brian Brohm in the 2nd that year). That's because good organizations gather talent regardless of position. I hate the Packers...

6) I think the Arizona Cardinals will be the trendy playoff pick next year.

7) And I think the Eagles will be the trendy pick to be in the Super Bowl next year.

8) Where do you think Peyton Manning plays in 2012?

9) Congrats to Dave Toub for getting a head coaching interview, but there's no way the Dolphins hire him for that position. They want a sexy pick, and a special teams coordinator isn't sexy.

10) The Bears pick 19th in the draft, and you can already find a few mock drafts out there. Kendall Wright, WR Baylor is the Bears choice here.