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Recap: George McCaskey/Ted Phillips Press Conference

In case you missed it, George McCaskey and Ted Phillips had their press conference earlier today to discuss the firing of general manager Jerry Angelo and the resignation of Mike Martz and Shane Day. Here's a quick synopsis of what they talked about... First, Ted Phillips...

- Jerry Angelo achieved a lot in his 11 seasons as GM

- The Bears need to keep pace with their division rivals, citing a "talent gap."

- Tim Ruskell is in charge of scouting operations until a new GM is hired.

- Talent evaluation will be a top priority.

- There is no timetable to hire a new GM, and there won't be a search firm like last time.

- The Angelo decision was made prior to the Polian firing.

- "Every year is a must-win year."

- Wants Forte to be a Chicago Bear long-term.

- "I don't see any candidates not wanting it [the position]."

And George McCaskey...

- Called Angelo "The epitome of class."

- Goal is to win world championships, and the fans deserve one.

- Has complete faith in Phillips and supports Smith as head coach.

- Money had no bearing on the decision to remove Angelo or hire a new GM.

- "The goal is 2012 and it's not just the Packers."

- Likes the structure of the organization, but wants the right people in the job.

- There will be a decision before free agency starts.

What do you think Bears fans? Like what you heard?