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Breaking: Tim Ruskell Out as Chicago Bears Director of Player Personnel

To quote a friend:

Poor guy. Thinks he might be the next GM one week, and unemployed the next.

Per multiple reports, including this one by Sean Jensen, Tim Ruskell is no longer the Bears Director of Player Personnel.

Reportedly well-liked by the Bears brass, Ruskell's firing MUTUALLY AGREED UPON DEPARTURE is the first big move by newly-christened General Manager Phil Emery.

Generally speaking, this makes sense. It allows Emery to set up the departments the way he sees fit. Emery is expected to set up the organization with separate directors for college and pro personnel, so Ruskell would likely have been demoted if he was retained.

It's encouraging to see that the team is allowing Emery to make his own personal stamp on the organization early. It bodes well for Emery's ability to make other decisions in the near future. Perhaps with regard to the coaching staff after the 2012 season.