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The Bears Den: January 31, 2012


"...where we're not awkward about being a den."

Emery introduced as general manager Mayer: Confident that Phil Emery will lead the Bears to a championship, team president and CEO Ted Phillips introduced the new GM Monday during a press conference at Halas Hall.Emery press conference

Armed with 5-year contract, Emery ready to roll as Bears GM Biggs: Depth of his plan key in earning job.

Lovie Smith is on firm footing Pompei: The honeymoon is on.

Follow WCG on Twitter: We've got your competitive advantage right here.

Emery will change Bears, but not in a rush Moon: Phil Emery will keep Bears news under wraps, citing a desire to not give away a competitive advantage. But eventually, he will change how things are run at Halas Hall. Video: What's next for Phil Emery?

Listening to new Bears GM doesn’t inspire much confidence Morrissey: Emery sounds like a man who can work with anyone including Smith, the scouting staff and Staley the mascot.

Phillips: Emery Brings What Bears Need WSCR: Bears president Ted Phillips knows he isn't a talent evaluator, and that's exactly why he hired Phil Emery as the team's new general manager.

Judge Emery's substance, not his style Haugh: If Emery's appetite for work produces results, nobody will care how he leaves the media starving for sound bites.

Can Emery find his own Victor Cruz? Dickerson: The key for new GM Phil Emery will be to limit scouting mistakes and mis-evaluations. But at some point, the Bears are going to need some pure, old-fashioned luck.

The next step Greenberg: For the Bears to rise in the NFL, first-time GM must hit the ground running.

Source: Van Pelt, Bears to talk QBs coach job Wright: The first attempt by the Bears to hire a former member of the Buccaneers proved unfruitful, but that won't stop the team from speaking with former Bucs quarterbacks coach Alex Van Pelt about the same position, according to a source.

Can Super Bowl XLVI live up to greatest Super Bowls of all-time? Rothschild: Like an underachieving student who needs time to register academic success, the Super Bowl took a few decades before establishing itself as a sporting event that was as much about achievement as it was hype.

"Crab Eyes":