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Were we trying to get Jared Allen his record? The best of the Bears-Vikings in-game thread

Josh McCown reconsiders having joined JWebb Nation.  Jared Allen reportedly quite a fan.
Josh McCown reconsiders having joined JWebb Nation. Jared Allen reportedly quite a fan.

A last, meaningless game of the season and I was wondering if anyone would show up to play. The Bears sort of did but not as much as WCG; hit the jump to see the best of your jibber-jabber.

Who says players don't get fired up for a meaningless week 17 game?
David in Maine: Not_CalebHanie: Alright #Haniacs I’m ready to do work in todays game! – Gonna keep this bench warm like no other! #HanieDoesIt

Insert "horn / horny" pun here.
Steven Schweickert: Anybody already feel like breaking that horn?
frenchbears113: That's anti-Scandinavian
Steven Schweickert: It's anti-Minnesota Viking. I’m very Minnesota-ist.
crackedcactus: If so, what does Minnesota actually have to recommend it?
Steven Schweickert: I dunno. I just know I’m really against that stupid horn.

This is the right time to experiment and evaluate, right?
crackedcactus: Let's play Gate 68 at DT!
frenchbears113: Why he'd just let every RB blow right by him
crackedcactus: Might take him awhile to let the RB by since he's so slow though! Kinda like a road bump.

Eeyore. Eeyore. And an eeyore to you, too.
LostInSTL: Isn’t that a slant pattern???!!! Guess they don’t teach them how to cover those in Lovie’s defense?
Steven Schweickert: Fun fact. Chicago Bears game film consists of home movies of Turkey Bowls past and Winnie the Pooh cartoons.
LostInSTL: Sorry man... that Pooh character has always been creepy if you ask me!
crackedcactus: I think Eyore might be our Off. Coor.
frenchbears113: Eyore seems more like Lovie if you ask me. Slow drawl and a constant look of sadness and confusion
crackedcactus: Martz = piglet. Generally Clueless.

Admittedly, it wasn't a quality game.
Fire Ron Turner: McCown not lighting it up but neither are our receivers – no separation
Steven Schweickert: To be fair, neither is the defense, or the running game...
LostInSTL: Would this constitute the players giving up on their beloved coach?
Steven Schweickert: It constitutes me getting up and finally making lunch.

He wasn't the only one with lunch on the mind...
crackedcactus: So did they score yet? I got distracted by a KFC ad.

crackedcactus: Because defenders still cared early in the season.
Steven Schweickert: You do know what my caps lock/rabble rabble thing is, right?
crackedcactus: yup, but it still deserved a qualifier in case a village idiot wandered in and thought you were serious.
Steven Schweickert: I do forget some of our fanbase sometimes.

As long as we won and there wasn't an injury because of it, I wouldn't have minded seeing this. The guy was outstanding on a bad team.
Robert Rence: Half a sack away! Give me SOMETHING to celebrate this season! And not with a Brett Favre laydown either.
LostInSTL: It's Webbfest 2012!!!!!!

Cunning as a fox...
Dils: I've never seen a seven step drop on a shotgun snap before
LostInSTL: It's the new strategy... to get Allen so tired after having to run the QB down from 15-20 yards on every play.

Hey, you asked!
Steven Schweickert: So hey, can someone do me a favor and tell me how Webb got that damn throw away?
Beer Down!: He pulled his arm back, move it forward, and let go of the ball…
Steven Schweickert: Sigh.

How could a Bears QB throwing an interception make you chuckle? Here's how.
David in Maine: Not_CalebHanie: I taught McCown that.

Who needs broadcast network analysts?
BOBdaBEAR: A conversation I had yesterday with a 5-yr old Vikes fan:
Me: So…Peterson is out
Kid: He is?
Me: Yea…Bears are playing you guys tomorrow?
Kid: Really? Cool.
Me: Who do you think is gonna win?
Kid: (No hesitation) Bears.
Me: Really?
Kid: Yeah. If we don’t have Peterson, then you win.
Me: OK.

The sound of a man at the end of his tether.
crackedcactus: PLease... no more fox ads... I don’t hitnk I can take one more…

lmfsilva: yay. let’s hope this doesn’t mean a huge drop in the draft, Urlacher has something that can be taken care of in a couple of months, and a last-minute meteor strikes Green Bay.
crackedcactus: I'm wishing for the meteor strike.
lmfsilva: now that I think of it... if a meteor strikes GB with their offense on the field, I’m sure one of their receivers will catch it. And Rodgers will get the compliments.

So, that was the season that was. Are we hanging out in the playoff game posts even without our beloved Bears? Let's see who's around for chit-chat.