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Is Tim Ruskell In Play For Bears' GM Position After All?

To answer the title question, Dan Pompei sure seems to think so. After firing Jerry Angelo on Thursday, the team has seemingly moved with little urgency as other competitors for hot candidates make their moves - the Raiders with Reggie McKenzie and the Colts who plan on interviewing seven candidates by the end of Monday.

But Pompei thinks there's something else brewing up at Halas Hall.

Meanwhile, multiple sources said there is an internal movement to influence Phillips and team ownership to seriously consider personnel direct Tim Ruskell for the job.

Ruskell has good relationships with head coach Lovie Smith, the assistant coaches and the scouting staff. He understands the team's schematic philosophies and the lay of the land. Retaining him would minimize change but still give the Bears a new voice and direction.

However, there is one key phrase here at the end...

It is believed Phillips wants to focus on external candidates before giving Ruskell a chance.

So McKenzie's off the table, as is Eric DeCosta. What do you think?