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Son of Green Bay Packers OC Joe Philbin Dies in Tragic Ice Accident

Tragedy struck in Green Bay today, as the body of Packers Offensive Coordinator Joe Philbin's son was found today following an ice accident on Sunday morning.

Divers recovered a body Sunday afternoon from the icy Fox River in Oshkosh. The body has been identified as Michael Philbin, 21, who was last heard from early Sunday morning. Philbin had been visiting friends at the University of Wisconsin.

The unfortunate news comes to the Packers as they prepare for their match-up against the Giants this weekend at Lambeau Field. Locker room availability of the team has been cancelled upon reception of the news.

As much as rivalries might put us at odds with the Packers organization and their fans, we would never want such terrible news for anyone. Warm thoughts and wishes for comfort go out from all of us at WCG to the Philbins and their extended Packers family, as well.