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The Inside Scoop: WCG chats with former Bears DT Anthony Adams

Windy City Gridiron had a chance to chat with former Chicago Bears DT Anthony Adams, and he spoke on head coach Lovie Smith, the leadership of the veterans, social media, and whether he still has anything left in the tank.

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It's always a treat getting a peek behind the curtain when it comes to our beloved Chicago Bears, and recently, we had the opportunity to chat with former DT Anthony Adams, who has become a bit of a social media celebrity over the last few months (@SpiceAdams).

Dane: Your time with the Chicago Bears was productive, and it is a bit odd to not see you in our DT rotation this year. It's even odder to see you completely out of the NFL right now. How much do you have left in the tank, are you healthy, and do you see yourself lacing the cleats back up at all?

Adams: There is a lot left in the tank. I'm in good shape and I am healthy considering a 9 year career in the trenches with the big uglies. It is hard to see me not lace up the cleats and heartbreaking not to lace them up for the Bears. I thought I would be picked up by now, but I have been wrong before. I trust my agent Joel Segal and he is one of the best in the business. But, above all I know that God is going to place me where I need to be, when I need to be there, and I am excited about my future.

Dane: Everything we know about our coaches we learn through press conferences and brief shots on the sidelines during the game. Lovie Smith is always so mellow and stoic... Tell us something we don't know about Lovie... Does he ever get aggressive in the locker room, or did you ever see him lose it? What do the players see that no one else does?

Adams: Coach Smith is an overall great guy who is very confident in his team, his staff, and his expertise. There are a lot of coaches in this world who either show panic or poise, and in every situation Coach Smith shows poise. It does not matter what the situation is, Coach is going to stay consistent and trust in his coaching abilities. If you are confident there is no reason to panic. That's why you don't see him flip out - it's called quiet confidence.
I have never him flip out. But, in the locker room, the saying goes: "he walks softly and carries a big stick." He is very PASSIONATE about his goals: Beat Green Bay, Win the division, and Win the Super Bowl. All I will say is PASSIONATE is an understatement.

Dane: Speaking of the Bears locker room... Our team has never really had to deal with drama, difficult personalities, etc., and our locker room has been well-known to just sort of work things out. Hearing about Olin Kreutz and Brian Urlacher playing Sheriff behind the scenes for so many years has almost created this mystique when it comes to the Bears staying out of the spotlight and not having any drama. Can you tell us what that is like, and how much influence Urlacher has on the locker room? What about other players that keep everything in check that we might no know about?

Adams: Urlacher is one of those guys that has a big heart and would do anything for his teammates. He is selfless and he holds himself accountable just like everyone else. What makes him special is he treats everyone the same! Whether you are a janitor or the owner of the team. He treats everyone with respect. In a league where there are so many divas, Urlacher is someone who is very low maintenance. He is approachable and loves his teammates. He has great influence in the locker room because he is like that big brother that everyone looks up to. What's cool is he has a good rapport with people he has been playing with for at least 10 years. Peanut, Lance, Mannelly, and Garza. Each one of these guys are leaders and what the young guys call O.G.'s.

Dane: Your presence in the social media world has absolutely blown up over the last few months... Was that a planned attack, or did it just sort of happen?

Adams: The social media presence has been great and I am having a good time. I didn't plan on it being as fun as it is. For the record, it was my wife and former Bear Chris Harris' idea that i join Twitter. Once I got on it, I noticed how cool it was to tweet with the fans. It's great to interact with the fans and get feedback. I noticed right away that the people of Chicago love their Bears! When I put the "Thank You Chicago" ad in the Sun Times, there was a resounding response of people saying "Once a Bear Always a Bear." Although I know this is only true to a certain amount of people, I am glad to be associated with that group and I feel the love. PS follow me on Twitter: @spiceadams

Dane: You have been very well-known to be heavy into the community and charities... Your teammates voted you the Bears recipient of the Ed Block Courage Award in 2010, and you really seem focused on giving back. Can you tell us about what you currently have going on, and how we can be a part of it?

Adams: The Ed Block Courage Award was awesome for me! There is a Courage House at Maryville Academy and they are awesome! My teammates voted for me in a time where my heart was crushed with two deaths in my family. I had to go home during the preseason to my aunt's funeral and on the way to go and pick up my grandfather for the funeral, he passed away. So, for two weeks I had funerals on Friday and games on Saturday, and it was tough for my family and I.

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