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Fantasy Football Update: Week 6

So how about my recommendation of the Steelers D/ST on Weds? I am sure I will hear about that...but it hurt more to have Mendenhall and Brown outscored by Bironas, who seems to have one of these 16 point games every year. Anything else change looking forward to this weekend?

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Not a lot of updates here, but fire the questions away.

I recant my predictions about LaRod Stephen Howling - I am not so sure he is going to get many touches this week. It seems like Arizona can't make up their mind. I feel the same about GB, who didn't seem to like running anyway. RB Vick Ballard might be a decent pick up if you are hard up for a RB, as he has actually been named the starter for Indy and the Jets can't stop the run this year.

Injury Watch: QB Alex Smith should play. Cedric Benson will be out for a bit. Daniel Thomas probably misses this week, and so will Andre Brown. LaRod Stephen Howling is a good add but you have to watch his injury status too. WR Danny Amendola remains out. Watch Lance Moore.Hakeem Nicks is becoming a running joke (on me) injury wise. Stephen Hill comes back this week, and so will Ramses Barden. Jimmy Graham, Martellus Bennett, Rob Gronkowski, Jermichael Finley, Aaron Hernandez.

***UPDATE*** I missed Donald Brown last time, he is out this week. The Benson injury is 8+ weeks - aka, drop him.

Bye Weeks: Carolina (Cam Newton, Steve Smith, DeAngelo Williams, Greg Olsen), Chicago (D/ST, Matt Forte, Michael Bush, Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffery, Jay Cutler), Jacksonville (MJD), New Orleans (Drew Brees, Marques Colston, Lance Moore, Devery Henderson, Darren Sproles)

***UPDATE*** Apparently, the Steelers running game and D/ST took another bye week, too.