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Bears-less NFL Week 6 Pre-Party Open Thread

We're getting you ready for the day to come of NFL football.

Mike Ehrmann - Getty Images

Yes, once again, the NFL chooses to have a week without the Bears playing on Sunday - what an abomination, am I right? Although this is the bye, so it's not like the Bears play tomorrow either. But it's heading into a Monday night showdown with the Lions next week, so it's all good.

Your schedule for this week is as follows... (oh hey, click the link for TV maps)

CBS @ 1 PM ET (Early Games)

Indianapolis Colts at New York Jets

Oakland Raiders at Atlanta Falcons

Kansas City Chiefs at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Cincinnati Bengals at Cleveland Browns

CBS @ 4:15 PM ET (Late Games)

New England Patriots at Seattle Seahawks

Buffalo Bills at Arizona Cardinals

FOX @ 1 PM ET (Early Games)

Detroit Lions at Philadelphia Eagles

Dallas Cowboys at Baltimore Ravens

St. Louis Rams at Miami Dolphins

FOX @ 4:15 PM ET (Late Games)

New York Giants at San Francisco 49ers

Minnesota Vikings at Washington Redskins

SNF on NBC @ 8:20 PM ET (Night Game)

Green Bay Packers at Houston Texans

So, if you're interested (or need something to hold your interest since the Bears are off), you can watch all three divisional rivals today, one right after the other. The Detroit game on FOX is certainly one to watch, since they're our upcoming opponent. Except you'd have to subject yourself to Tony Siragusa's special brand of "sideline analysis." Yes, he's that bad.

Couple of links for your perusal...

I thought Aaron Rodgers was so good because he worked well under pressure. Now that pressure is why he's playing poorly (by his standards)?

Aqib Talib was suspended four games for Adderall.

How much does the NFL believe Tim Tebow will be starting? The Colts are preparing for, quote, "a sprinkle of Tebow."

Drew Brees thinks the NFL is out of control and lacks leadership. Roger Goodell being a power-hungry nutjob and your teammates participating in a play-to-injure scheme aren't mutually exclusive, Drew. Also, we got it the first thirteen times you said it. Heard ya. Loud and clear.

The Packers (and specifically Rodgers) blamed the scout team and a leadership disconnect on the loss to the Colts. Reggie Wayne had cramps during the game, but blamed soda.

Louis Delmas is a game-time decision in Detroit, with the chance to make his first appearance this season.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the NFL - Profit avenue or not?

Jared Allen's not concerned with his sack total. ... Right.

From SBN itself:

Did you know SBN has a contributing meteorologist? No lie, the first thing I wanted to be when I grew up was a meteorologist. Then I went into fifth grade. Either way, here's Brian Neudorff's Week 6 weather forecasts.

SBN's Matt Ufford rated every Week 6 game on "watchability." Enjoy.

And if you need some fantasy advice, you can either ask here, or you can go to David Fucillo's SBN Fantasy War Room.

Here's your pre-party thread for today. Your first thread will pop at the start of the early slate.