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Bears-Less Week 6 Sunday Night Football Open Thread

Tonight's Sunday Night Football matchup is the Texans against the Packers - come watch it with us!

Mike Ehrmann - Getty Images

The NFC North has gone 1-1 so far today - the Lions eked out an overtime win on Jason Hansen's foot and the Vikings were officially shipwrecked when Robert Griffin III outran everyone for a late fourth-quarter touchdown, the longest rushing touchdown since Kordell Stewart's 80-yarder in 1996. ... Yes, back when he was effective. But the Vikings' loss means the Bears are in sole possession of first place in the division, a game ahead in the loss column. Savor it.

The Packers with a win can move to 2-1 for the division today, but more importantly to them, they can move to the sea level mark for the first time since week 2 (shaking fist) and start reasserting themselves as the team they were last year. The Texans have their undefeated mark to worry about, as they can move to 6-0 along with Atlanta.

This is your open thread for tonight's Sunday Night Football game. As always, Open Thread Responsibly (TM).