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Ex-Chicago Bear of the Week: Chris Harris

New Jacksonville Jaguars safety Chris Harris is the Ex-Chicago Bear of the Week.

Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

Congratulations goes out to Chris Harris, as he is the latest winner of the prestigious Ex-Chicago Bear of the Week award. The Windy City Gridiron's Former Chicago Bears Watch Committee (WCGFCBWC) has to admit some bias in selecting this weeks recipient. The working relationship enjoyed between Harris and WCG through the years helped sway the WCGFCBWC vote to a near unanimous decision.

Harris had a couple different stints with the Chicago Bears. He was drafted in the 6th round in 2006 and spent his first two years in Chicago before being dealt to the Carolina Panthers. He was reacquired in 2010 and played that year and a part of 2011 before being released.

In 2010 he lent his experience and swagger to a defensive secondary in need of a boost and was named 2nd Team All Pro for the NFC North Champion Bears. In 2011 Injuries led to his release and subsequent pick up from the Detroit Lions.

He has been out of football all season until the Jags swooped in with the 1 year offer on Monday, so it looks like he'll have to put down the headphones and step away from the turntables for the remainder of this year.