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Seahawks @ 49ers: Thursday Night Football Open Thread

Seattle Seahawks @ San Francisco 49ers: Thursday Night Football Open Thread (WCG-MA)

Jay Drowns

On paper, this Thursday Nighter should be a good match up. The Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers both feature good defenses. Both teams have solid running games. And both have quarterbacks that are capable of playing good enough to not lose.

I became a fan of Seattle QB Russell Wilson last year while he was playing at Wisconsin. He's a very heady and athletic player, and him winning that job wasn't a surprise to me.

His counterpart, Alex Smith, is coming off one of the worst days of his career against the Giants, which actually followed one of the better Sunday's of his career against the Bills. Both are more of the game

The Niners should be an angry team after getting crushed by New York last week, and since this game isn't in Seattle, the Seahawks may struggle. My pick... San Fran 27 Seattle 13

Remember this is an Open Thread, so things might get a little vulgar from time to time.

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