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Weekly Chats Presented By XFINITY - Chicago Bears Q/A

Each week, the WCG staff will host a live Q/A with our members... Some weeks we may even have video!


This is Round 2 of our weekly Q/A session, and a great time to chat it up with a huge Monday Night Football game coming up this week.

The Bears are coming off a Bye, sitting all alone at the top of the NFC North, and even being considered in some circles one of the best teams in the NFL. But, we all know how things can change overnight, and the Detroit Lions will not go down without a fight. See what I did there?

Some topics for tonight might include Lovie Smith's future with the team, Gabe Carimi needing to not resemble Chris Williams again this week, your personalized Mike Ditka birthday wishes, what type of music you think Jay Cutler listens to before a game to get in the zone, or whether you think the Mikes (Tice and Marinelli) will both be back as coordinators next season.

If you've got any Chicago Bears questions, feel free to fire away, and myself or the other WCG staffers will jump in and try to provide some answers.