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How have the 2012 Chicago Bears rookies performed so far?

It seems like eons ago that we were all trying to work out who the Bears would or should roll the dice on in this year's NFL draft. Read on for a recap and to see how Phil Emery did so far.

It seems like eons ago that we were all trying to work out who the Bears would or should roll the dice on in this year's NFL draft. For a while it looked like wide receiver Michael Floyd was heading our way, but thankfully the Cardinals snapped him up. There were several defensive linemen that experts thought the Bears should opt for, and the Bears ignored all of these and ended up going for Shea McClellin from Boise State.

We are now seven weeks into the season, so what better time to take a look at how this year's crop of Chicago Bears rookies have fared in their first NFL season.

Let's remind ourselves exactly who the Bears selected this year:

1 (19) Shea McClellin, de, Boise State
2 (45) Alshon Jeffery, wr, South Carolina
3 (79) Brandon Hardin, db, Oregon State
4 (111) Evan Rodriguez, te, Temple
6 (184) Isaiah Frey, db, Nevada
7 (220) Greg McCoy, db, TCU

Shea McClellin - The Bears first round pick has had a pretty good campaign so far. Perhaps still thought of as a little undersized, he has shown he possesses great speed and can get to the quarterback, registering two sacks this season.

He has rotated in and out of the defensive line, and has done enough to give the coaches some confidence that he can be a dominant defensive lineman for the Bears.

Alshon Jeffery - Without doubt the star of this year's class so far, and it is extremely unfortunate that he will miss several weeks with a fractured hand.

Jeffery has had no problems fitting right into the lineup, with a great form in training camp, that carried on into the regular season.

There were always questions about his weight in college, and he lost several pounds before this year's NFL combine. Either way, he's been a pleasant surprise for Chicago, stepping in as well as he has, and has given Jay Cutler another big target to throw the ball to, opposite Brandon Marshall.

Jeffery is second behind Marshall with 14 receptions and has also pulled in two touchdowns. Not bad for a second round draft pick, considering there were players chosen ahead of him who haven't come close to his performances this year. Definitely one for the future.

Brandon Hardin - A third round pick out of Oregon State, Hardin will be sitting out his rookie year after injuring his neck in the second preseason game against Washington.

According to accounts, Hardin impressed the coaches during training camp, and while missing the season will be a huge disappointment, hopefully he will be back to full strength for next year.

Evan Rodriguez - Is he a tight end? Is he a full back? In the end the Bears opted for the latter and Rodriguez has played some pretty good football this year.

The rookie from Temple has missed the last two games following a sprained MCL, but the Bears look forward to his return for the Monday night game against the Detroit Lions.

He has proved a competent lead blocker for Matt Forte and his return should hopefully bolster the Bears run game. A solid fourth round pick, Rodriguez should prove to be good value for money.

Isaiah Frey - Chosen in the sixth round, Frey now resides on the practice squad for the Chicago Bears. There is a lot of depth in Chicago at the defensive back position, and for now there's no space for the rookie.

He is a quick, athletic player who recorded 141 tackles and seven interceptions, during his college days with Nevada.

There are some strong players ahead of Frey on the depth chart, so it's questionable whether he will see the field at all in the near future. But, never say never.

Greg McCoy - Chosen by the Bears with the 220th pick overall, he played his college football for the TCU Horned Frogs. Can I just ask, are horned frogs intimidating or scary in any way? Do they actually exist. Please would someone shed some light on this for me?

The Bears did in fact sign McCoy to a four year contract, but he was subsequently waived and was picked up by the Cardinals, and eventually settled on their practice squad.

So, now the dust has settled and we have seen some of these rookies play, what are we thinking? A good draft by the Bears? Certainly the two standouts look to be McClellin and Jeffery and as NFL drafts go, I'd be happy enough if those two players fulfill the potential we all think they have.