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NFL Power Rankings: Week Four

The Bears and Vikings keep moving up, while the Lions and Packers stay steady on different ends of the spectrum.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The Bears throttled the Cowboys last night, and moved into a first-place tie atop the NFC North with the 3-1 Vikings. After "that game" in week two, the Bears offense took a small step forward last week against the Rams before hammering the (formerly) #1 defense in the NFL. Oh, and the defense? Yeah, they did pretty well (again). So after that performance Monday Night, it's time to check in with some of our favorite football pundits to see where they rank the Bears and the rest of the NFC North after four weeks. Links to each rankings list should pop from the table below. Previous weeks rankings are in parentheses. And just for fun, I included the top and bottom ranked teams from each list.

SBNation Yahoo! ESPN PFT
Bears 5 (8) 12 (12) 9 (11) 8 (12) 10 (11)
Vikings 11 (19) 15 (18) 14 (21) 12 (16) 16 (20)
Packers 8 (6) 10 (10) 8 (7) 7 (6) 8 (8)
Lions 20 (20) 24 (22) 20 (18) 25 (23) 22 (22)
#1 team Texans Falcons Texans Texans Texans
#32 Browns Jags Browns Browns Browns

SB Nation has the Bears higher than the rest, and has three NFC North teams in its top-eleven. Chicago made slight crawls upward on four of the five lists, although I don't know how Yahoo has them holding steady with the Chargers, Packers, Pats, and Broncos directly ahead of them. The Packers held steady or dropped slightly after squeaking out a 28-27 win against the Saints in cheesetown, while the Vikings made the biggest jumps on most of the lists, vaulting into the top half the league. The Lions, well, they're back to pre-2011 positioning, lounging in the twenties.

Check out the lists and let us know what you notice about them. Should the Bears be higher overall, or just higher than the Packers? Should the Vikings be that high, and do the Lions deserve to be that low? Who has the best list out of the five?