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Fantasy Football Update: Week 7

Week 7? How did that happen so fast? No Bears football until Monday? Its like agony...Kind of like anyone relying on an offensive player in Thursday's game, but both defenses made out okay. Its also time to renew the weekly poll, to see who the best is positionally for the Bears this week. What else is new around the league?

I am not the QB you are looking for.
I am not the QB you are looking for.
Stephen Dunn

Random Thoughts:

Rashard Mendenhall was absolutely ineffective and mysteriously hurt last week. 11 days later many predict he is fine, but if this has ANYTHING to do with his post ACL tear recovery, then the swelling and stability issues will continue to be a problem moving forward. I look at him as a #3 RB now with a pretty risky floor, despite his #1 RB potential.

C.J. Spiller should be getting the bulk of the work for Buffalo and it is baffling that they won't let him. Fred Jackson is over 30, coming off an injury, and averaging less than 3 yards per carry with the bulk of the work (with only one came of the last three creeping above 3.0 YPC, and that being last week's 3.3 YPC). Prior to his injury in week one, he had 15 yards on 6 carries. He has been bad this year. Spiller, on the other hand, has only averaged under 4.0 YPC in one game this year, and that being still above 3.0 YPC and against the 49ers. Whether it be limited work (4 carries against Cleveland) or a lot of work (12 against Arizona), Spiller came back from his injury better than Jackson did, and was better than Jackson before his injury, and yet is still #2. I just don't get it and its sad - Spiller could be a #1 back in fantasy very, very easily - he averages OVER 7 YPC in every game he has 10+ carries in....because of his big play power.

Welcome Back Bears: and its not just the fan in me talking - the Bears have been VERY fantasy relevant this year - and weirdly enough, Jay Cutler is the LEAST fantasy relevant guy on the team (27th in standard scoring at the QB position, only worth owning in 2QB starting leagues). Matt Forte is 24th despite his injury and bye week and Michael Bush is 27th. Forte is a solid #2 RB right now with #1 potential, and Bush is a top of the line #3/Flex back, though he can burn you in weeks he doesn't score a TD (like the last two weeks). Brandon Marshall is the 8th WR even after a bye week and before his injury Alshon Jeffery was a weak, but relevant, bye week flex option. The Bears D/ST is #1 overall even after the bye, and Gould sits at Kicker #11 after the bye.

Dez Bryant is probably going to stick. His target #'s are ridiculous and the organizational message is clear: "Bryant is our new #1 WR, and we will fight through his struggles" and it has paid off for two straight weeks.

Full Disclosure: What a week I had, eh? A lot of it (honestly) has to do with how many Bears players I have come to count on (Both ESPN leages), and the stinker of a 2nd half Philip Rivers had (CBS). My Yahoo team just isn't very good though I have the star-power to play spoiler down the stretch (Brady, Gronk, Bryant, Nicks, Bradshaw, Ridley, Mendenhall). Too many health issues early in the year to win in the writer's league this year (Gronk, Nicks, Bradshaw, and waiting on Mendenhall because of how bad others busted). It looks like I have a good shot at winning 3 of my championships if the teams hold up, and an outside shot at 1 more (The ESPN Prize league is a good, underperforming team too, with Foster, Charles, McFadden, Marshall, Demaryius Thomas, Vernon Davis, the Bears D/ST...How am I 2-3?)

Wins Losses Last Week
Yahoo! WCG 1 5 L
ESPN Prize 2 3 L
CBS Money 4 2 L
ESPN Family 4 2 L
NFL Net 5 1 L

Yahoo! Pick Em: 52-40 (2nd in the league)

WCG Pick Em: 54-37 (3rd in the league)

The Bye Week Strikes Back: The bye weeks haven't been too painful so far, but this week is a killer. Atlanta, Denver, Kansas City, Miami, Philadelphia, and San Diego are all out. That means no QBs Matt Ryan, Peyton Manning, Michael Vick and Philip Rivers. It means no RBs Michael Turner, Willis McGahee, LeSean McCoy, Jamaal Charles, Reggie Bush, and Ryan Matthews. It means no WRs Julio Jones, Roddy White, Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker, Dwayne Bowe, Brian Hartline, DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Robert Meachem or Michael Floyd. It means no TEs Antonio Gates, Anthony Gonzalez, Jacob Tamme, and it means no starting the decent defenses in Miami, Atlanta, Denver, San Diego or Philly if you needed them. It also means, with many scoring offenses shelved, that even kickers get thin this week. The good news? This too shall pass - no more than 4 teams will be out any 1 given week the rest of the way, and only week 8 features more than 2 relevant offenses missing time.