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Week 7 Early Games Open Thread

Welcome to our Open Thread for discussing the first slate of games.

Mike Ehrmann

The early set of games has a few intriguing matchups, highlighted by Baltimore at Houston. But there's also the return of Shawne Merriman to Buffalo, Green Bay's "resurgence" after their "early season failure", and St. Louis' admittance that they aren't going to the Super Bowl (seriously, you say that right now, in the NFL's wild card era?). I mean, I understand tempering expectations after last year's season, but is it possible that the Rams could be competitive enough in the NFC West to get in as a wild card?

Either way, that admission aside, the week 8 trade deadline could spark some interesting moves, particularly in regards to Steven Jackson, an older player who might not be a part of the team's future much longer.

The other games include New Orleans at Tampa Bay; Arizona at Minnesota; Dallas at Carolina; Washington at New York; Cleveland at Indianapolis; and Tennessee at Buffalo.

This is your open thread for the early set of games. As always, Open Thread Responsibly (TM).