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MNF - Bears vs. Lions: By the Numbers

A quick-hit look at some of the stats and numbers for each team in tonight's match up.

Sam Greenwood

The Bears, by the numbers:

71 - Points allowed by the Bears through their first five games.

5 - Receiving touchdowns allowed by the Bears, fewest in the league.

60.0 - Opponents QB rating against the Bears' defense.

3.6 - Sacks per game the Bears have averaged this year.

29 - Percent of third downs opponents converted, third in the league behind Miami and Houston.

19 - Penalties against the Bears defense, fewest in the league.

0 - Number of 40+ yard plays allowed by the Bears.

29.8 - Points per game the Bears have scored.

2.8 - Average times Jay Cutler has been sacked per game this season.

43 - Percent of third downs the Bears offense converts.

5 - Number of defensive touchdowns the Bears have scored, tied with Washington for most in the league.

97.9 - Jay Cutler's QB rating on Monday nights.

The Lions by the numbers:

9 - Sacks allowed by the Lions offensive line.

419.6 - Offensive yards per game by the Lions offense, second in the league behind New England.

25.2 - Points per game scored by the Lions. 10th in the league.

34 - Percent of third downs converted.

-1 - Turnover margin for Detroit.

32 - Number of penalties by the Lions defense, fifth fewest in the league.

7 - Receiving touchdowns allowed by the Lions

2 - Interceptions by the Lions, tied for fewest in the NFL.

10th - Rank of the Lions' rush defense, allowing 96.4 yards per game.

12 - Sacks by the Lions defense, tied for 20th in the league.

3 - Number of 40+ yard pass plays allowed by the Lions.

94.8 - Opponents QB rating against the Lions.

One last number:

1 - Number of rushing TDs allowed by each team so far this year.

The number one thing that jumps out to me from all this is that tonight's game is going to come down to the quarterback play. The Bears will want to get the run game going but the Lions have a stout run defense and the Bears have the best run defense in the league; this means it could become a passing game with the quarterbacks duking it out.

I like the Bears' chances in a game like that, especially against a banged-up Lions secondary that hasn't been good even when healthy. Plus, the Bears defense has 17 turnovers so far this year, meaning Matt Stafford will have be extra careful with the football.

The Bears haven't given up the big play this season and as long as they can continue that by keeping Calvin Johnson contained and get consistent pressure on Stafford, that should continue.

It's up to the Bears to get the run game going and do what they can to keep Cutler's jersey clean and keep that Lions defensive line at bay, allowing Cutler to pick apart the Lions questionable secondary.

Which numbers jump out at you and what do they mean for tonight's game?