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Chicago Bears vs Detroit Lions: 1st Quarter Open Thread

Stay tuned to WCG all night, and keep an eye out for fresh Open Threads for each quarter. Here we go... Monday Night Football!

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Here we go again... Possibly the biggest stage in the NFL, with the Chicago Bears facing an NFC North foe. So far this season, Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford has connected with all-world WR Calvin Johnson for exactly 0 TDs, and we're hoping that CB Charles Tillman keeps that trend going.

One thing no one seems to have touched on is the stark difference between these two clubs' head coaches. Lovie Smith carries with him a calm, cool demeanor, and is able to command respect from his players by simply cutting his eyes at them. How often do you hear of drama or issues with Lovie's players? Very, very rarely.

On the other side, Lions coach Jim Schwartz wears his emotions on his sleeve, and has seen plenty of his players end up not only in brawls on the field, but in significant legal trouble.

Don't think the leadership of a team trickles down to the players? Think again.

Regardless, the product on the field is not to be ignored, and both teams have superstars hoping to make a difference.

This is your first quarter Open Thread. Have fun...