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NFL Week 8: Sunday Night Football Open Thread

Tonight's final game is on Sunday Night Football as the Saints visit Denver to take on the Broncos.

Dustin Bradford

The 2-4 Saints have started to pick up a little bit this year, winning their last two games, and this week they get a little boost as they're playing their first game with something resembling a head coach - interim coach Joe Vitt, named after Sean Payton had to take the year off following the "pay-for-injury" scheme; Vitt himself was suspended for the first six games in the scandal.

They take on a 3-3 Denver Broncos team that have won two of their last three games, behind Peyton Manning throwing for at least 300 yards, 3 TD, and a 70% completion percentage in each, the first NFL player with that set of stats over three games. So clearly, he's back to something resembling his old self, if not all the way there.

Peyton versus Brees: Who ya got?

This is your Sunday Night Football open thread. As always, Open Thread Responsibly (TM).