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NFL Thoughts Week 8: Chicago Bears and Beyond

For some us us it's NFL 24/7, so here's some of our Week 8 Thoughts. Be sure to chime in with some of your own.

Joe Sargent

'On any given Sunday' is as well know a saying as there is in sports. Reason being, is because it's so true. Football coaches and players will tell you just how hard it is to win a game in the National Football League. There simply are no gimmes. Never take a team for granted, and always be appreciative of each victory. The Chicago Bears won an ugly game against the Carolina Panthers.

They won, even with the offense sleep walking for 3 quarters. They won, even with Jay Cutler turning the ball over three times. They won, even with the defense allowing Cam Newton to go over 300 yards passing. They won, even though the Panthers were better than 50% on 3rd downs and 1 for 1 on 4th downs in the game. They won.

At the end of the day, the only statistic that really matters in getting a notch in the win column. Now on to my Thoughts!

1) I wonder if Giants fans are as concerned that their team snuck by the Cowboys, as much as Bears fans are concerned that their team squeaked by Carolina?

2) When does the flex scheduling kick in? Who Dat sucking up the prime time game?

3) The Jets are a joke. Someone needs to be fired.

4) That was an impressive win by the Falcons, going into Philly and putting 30 on an Andy Reid coached team following a bye. Atlanta's Matt Ryan sure looks the part of an elite QB.

5) Those Pittsburgh Steelers throwbacks uniforms... Really? Really? Really?

6) I'll bet the Rams were feeling pretty good about themselves there for a few minutes. Huge crowd in Wembley Stadium, opening drive going for a big TD, but then 45 points happened from the New England Patriots.

7) Can all the NFL analysts just stop with the Peyton Manning, "is he fully recovered" mumbo jumbo? His numbers are sick, he's running his offense as good as he ever has, and the Broncos are in a good place in the AFC West.

8) Somebody break up the Browns, they are up to 2 wins!

9) A huge bounce back win by the Lions. They desperately needed to beat the Seahawks to keep their playoff hopes alive.

10) The Packers pulled out an ugly win against the Jaguars yesterday. Aaron Rodgers didn't crack 200 yards passing, the Packers D gave up the first ever 300 yard passing day to Jags QB Blaine Gabbert, but they ground out a win. That's exactly what good teams do; Find a way to win the games they're supposed to. See what I did there...