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This Week In Bears vs. Jaguars History

Join us for a trip down memory lane as we harken back to a past Chicago vs. Jacksonville match up.

J. Meric - Getty Images

Hello again My Friends, we had so much fun last week taking a look at a past Chicago Bears game that we decided to roll the dice again with the same idea. Hopefully you guys like reading about the old timers as much as we like writing about them.

With the Jags next up on the docket, we don't have very far to go back, because Jacksonville first played a game in 1995. Hell, Todd has Zubaz older than the Jags franchise. The two franchises have only played a handful of games, but we'll pick the fun season of 2001 and their week 17 encounter to spotlight for today's post.

And if our fellow Bears fans aren't up to snuff on why 2001 was such a fun season, 1st off shame of you, 2nd off they went 13-3, and 3rd off I hope you can recall a certain passionate and hard hitting Chicago Bear safety that made '01 such a memorable year. A player that roamed the Soldier Field secondary from 2000 to 2008. And one that back to back overtime pick sixed his way into the NFL record books. Number 30 on your score cards, but top 10 in your hearts, Mike Brown.

It was a very comfortable January day in Chicago, and us Superfans were all gathered at Pat's for his annual Final Game Chilli Dog Extravaganza. Each year since 1983 we all get together at Casa de Pat's with chilli in tow for the final scheduled Bears game. Pat supplies the dogs, and us guys each supply a crock pot of chilli for the festivities. And of course there's plenty of beer. For the record, Todd's Italian Sausage chilli is to die for.

But on to the game.

We needed the season finale to clinch the NFC Central Division over those dastardly cheese munching Packers. Our boys in Navy won to hold off the 12-4 Pack. And a glorious win it was. Division Champs baby!

Before Jim Miller was working his very special brand of Bears coverage for Comcast Sports, he was quarterbacking our beloved, and he was the man under center on this fateful day. Our Jim Miller went 19 of 28 for a scant 159 yards and a tuddy, but in true game manager fashion he didn't turn the ball over. His TD pass went to *cough* bust *cough* David Terrell.

The reason this Dick Jauron helmed team could get by with a controlled game by the QB, is they had 2001 Rookie of the Year Anthony "A-Train" Thomas running over, through, and around defenses. Miller handed off to the young former Wolverine 33 times on the day, and he scampered for 160 yards. The A-Train did most of his damage running behind our humongous 6'7" 330 pound right tackle, James "Big Cat" Williams. It was old school Bears football at it's finest.

And this should go without saying My Friends, but you can't have old school Bears football without a mention of the defense. Sharp dressed Jerry Azumah had an interception on the day from his left corner position, as did outside linebacker Rosevelt Colvin. Rosey also picked up one of the Bears 4 sacks, and the other three went to defensive back Michael Green on a sweet blitz, to big DT Alfonzo Boone, and to future Hall Of Famer Brian Urlacher.

Chicago thoroughly thrashed the Jags 33-13 on the day and the remainder of the Bears scoring was 4 field goals from side-winding placekicker Paul Edinger and a 2 yard TD run by Leon Johnson, but I did save mention of one of the greatest plays in Bears history until the end.

The Bears actually picked off 3 Mark Brunell passes of this glorious day. The interceptions by Zoom and Rosey were overshadowed by 350 pound defensive tackle Keith Traylor and his 67 yard "someone please take the ball, I'm running out of gas" run. I simply can not see this play enough...