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Reason to Celebrate: Tim Jennings Named NFC Defensive Player Of The Month

Tim Jennings has been playing a sensational corner for the Bears so far in 2012.

Mike DiNovo-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Last year Tim Jennings played a solid, albeit unspectacular, corner for the Bears. He made it a priority to work on his ball skills during the off season so he could improve on his two 2011 interceptions. His work with the Jugs machine was well documented prior to the '12 season and so far so good for the 5'8" Bears DB.

His four 2012 picks has already surpassed his interception totals from his 1st two seasons in Chicago when he had only three.

To go along with his 4 ints, he also has 9 passes defended and 16 tackles. Two of his pass breakups have led to interceptions from his teammates. And who will forget his hustle play to block for Lance Briggs and escort him into the end zone against the Cowboys.