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NFL Week 5 Open Thread: Bears vs Jaguars Discussion, Analysis, and Info

The Chicago Bears won't kick off until 4:05pm ET, so here are some things to watch for in today's early contests.

Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

The Chicago Bears travel down to Jacksonville this afternoon to take on the struggling Jaguars, in hopes of building on the momentum created with the victory last week over the Rams.

Kickoff is at 4:05pm ET, and will be aired on FOX in certain markets.

Want to know who can watch what? Here is some handy info for you:

Find more listings on the NFL games in your area on

For our Canadian fans, check out the listings on Sports On Canadian TV.

For those "across the pond," check out the schedule on the NFL UK.

For Germany, check out ESPN America.

We've got six games on the early docket today, with only one of them featuring an NFC North team: Green Bay Packers at Indianapolis Colts. The Packers will be looking to stay above .500 (it's weird just typing that), but the Colts are coming off an early Bye week, and have had 2 weeks to prepare. Check out #Chuckstrong here.

Other early games:

- Dolphins at Bengals

- Ravens at Chiefs

- Falcons at Redskins

- Browns at Giants

- Eagles at Steelers

Also, you know that weekly Pick 'Em post we do? Every NFL site at SB Nation does those, and we have them all linked here. Check it out!

So what will you be watching for in the early games? I know many of you are involved in some Fantasy Football leagues - Anything big happening there to keep an eye on?