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Bears vs Jaguars: Game Previews from Around the Web

We scoured the internet for some Bears-Jaguars game previews, and here is what we found.

Mike Ehrmann - Getty Images

We love good game previews, especially when they come from people who know what they're talking about. Here are a few that provide food for thought:

- Tom Waddle thinks the Bears offense will propel the to a 14 point victory. LINK

- Dionne Miller opens it up even more, with a blowout prediction. LINK

- Larry Mayer won't give a prediction, but we know what he probably thinks. LINK

- Ian Rappaport wonders if Jay Cutler can be the face of the franchise. LINK

Stay tuned all day, as we will have updates and analysis from every possible angle today. And of course, we will have GIFs. Lots and lots of GIFS.

Discussion point from Rappaport's article above:

Once Urlacher hangs up the cleats, will Jay Cutler become the face of the Chicago Bears? Does he possess the personality or emotional fortitude to take on that responsibility?

You always want to look to the QB to be the voice, but in a football town like Chicago, you have to wonder...