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Lovie Smith may have waited too long to have Jay Cutler evaulated

Should the Chicago Bears head coach have been quicker to evaluate Jay Cutler?

Jonathan Daniel

We all saw last night that Bears quarterback Jay Cutler continued to play after the helmet-to-helmet hit from linebacker Tim Dobbins, but today there are some concerns surfacing that perhaps Lovie Smith should have been more proactive in getting Cutler evaluated.

Brad Biggs noted that almost 5 football minutes had passed before Cutler was taken in for evaluation, which translated into running seven more plays after being concussed.

Lovie Smith said that Cutler did not start showing signs until halftime, but Gregg Rosenthal says that is ridiculous.

We all know that players will sometimes try to hide injuries from their coaches, and we also know that Jay Cutler is as tough as they come. Should he have alerted coaches to something after the hit if he felt something was wrong?

Should Lovie have been more vigilant in immediately getting Cutler off the field to evaluate his state of mind?

This is the latest of several concussions for Cutler, and Chicago Bears fans collectively hold their breath while we wait to see what comes next.

Stay tuned...