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Jay Cutler A No Go For His Radio Show After Concussion

As reported by Fred Mitchell of the Chicago Tribune, Jay Cutler will not be participating his weekly radio show on ESPN 1000 that was set to take place today. The Jay Cutler Show is a weekly segment on the Waddle & Silvy show that airs on WMVP-AM in Chicago.

Still no word of when Jay Cutler will undergo his mandated independent neurological consultation. He has to pass that, as well as be cleared by team doctors. From the Chicago Tribune;

NFL protocol mandates players be completely asymptomatic and have normal neurological results at rest and after physical exertion before returning. That means Cutler will be evaluated after running or doing other non-football exercises.

Bears fans are obviously concerned with the health of their quarterback, but they are also concerned with the playoff hopes of their team. Last year the Bears went 1-5 with out Jay Cutler, but this year they seem to be in better shape with veteran Jason Campbell as the #2.

Be sure to stay tuned to Windy City Gridiron for breaking news.