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Jay Cutler injury update: Status still unknown for next Monday vs 49ers

Lovie Smith spoke briefly on Jay Cutler and Shea McClellin's status for next week.

Jonathan Daniel

Of course we wouldn't expect to hear too much less than 24 hours removed from a head injury, but Bears head coach Lovie Smith has not ruled out QB Jay Cutler or DE Shea McClellin for next Monday's game versus the 49ers.

"Just like a player gets a concussion or any other injury, we'll continue to evaluate them before we let them go back in. As far as whether the players will be ready to go this week, we don't know that. We have an extra day to get prepared for the 49ers. Hopefully they will be ready to go."

With that being said, the Bears are one of the most private teams in the league when it comes to releasing injury information, so for all we know Cutler's eyeballs could have fallen out of his head and we wouldn't know it until an hour before the game.

But Lovie did say that both Cutler and McClellin felt better today, so we can continue to hold our breath that they will be able to go next week versus one of the tougher teams in the NFC, the San Francisco 49ers.

Stay tuned...