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Bears 6, Texans 13: The Best of WindyCityGridiron's In-Game Threads

Bears 6, Texans 13: The Best of WindyCityGridiron's In-Game Threads

Jonathan Daniel

"Shoot, where's my challenge flag?"

A loss to a good team in wet conditions when we lost our starting QB for half the game, lost four turnovers, and still kept it close. Even Hub said it was possible to come out of this game feeling better about the team than before. What did you lot make of it?

Grammar is everything.
Shuggs: Let us go Bears!
Syndor: Are they holding you hostage?

Gamma is everything.
Ditka's Stache: faith has got some nice gams
boydvv54: gams?
David in Maine: Old school name for Legs...
nfts: I thought gam was your grandma?

From El Mayer's game blog...
Comment From Hunter: How is the o line going to stop jj watt
Larry Mayer: Hopefully they'll get the security guard who wanded me like his life depended on it. Watt won't get close to Jay Cutler if that's the case.

Because Allie wasn't in the thread at the start of the game.
boydvv54: Jay's hair looking amazing as always.
suckmyditka: sexy ass mofo

Highs and lows. That's why we love sport.
FtWayneSoxFan: WOO TE WITH A CATCH....oh

That's about it.
Just Dave: Using the pass to set up the run?
suckmyditka: using the suck to set up the suck

Dude. 2 black [Edit: roosters] again?
Bear Naked: aghhhh to bigh of a hole

I don't think he meant Bush, but he called it.
DutchBear: Bears going to get another fumble in the 1st q

He has a point...
Maelvampyre: need a defensive stand here!!
Just Dave: Now a vodka tonic followed by a Wanda flight around the room.
Maelvampyre: I have yet to inflate her
Just Dave: Isn't that the other way around?

It would probably hamper their play. Just sayin'...
Maelvampyre: We need Urlacher and Briggs to start swinging their ball sacks around like they were loaded with bricks
Cubfansince1957: That hurts just thinking about it.

I'm glad it was off-camera.
Maelvampyre: Where is Andrea Kremer??
Just Dave: Kissing Joe Namath?

No context!
Bear Naked: ughh my gawdddd

No need!
David Taylor: Never trust slippery balls around a wet Bush!

No [Edit: dilf]!
Chitownproduct: Why do we run so many empty backfields?
Just Dave: It confuses the offense?


Why was Tim Jennings down after his second interception?
Bear Naked: briggs tackles anybody and EVERYBODY

BearNecessities: We're just not gettin the calls tonight
Maelvampyre: That's the story of my life

Think he meant "can't", but good call.
suckmyditka: dude schaub has been overthrowing all night. Is it the rain? Lights? Diabetus?
C-Razzle: Can hear the proper calls since he's missing an ear.

Vaguely sacriligeous.
Maelvampyre: Virginia McCaskey needs to throw herself at the refs like the hussy she is.

DutchBear: We're not looking half bad
75bearsfan: 4 plays, 5 yards on that drive.

Not Old Yeller just yet...
Kay Paradiso: Urlacher has to make that tackle.
nfts: hes like 238 in dog years.

Is that like a Peanut ballpunch?
Maelvampyre: Foster impotent so far
Just Dave: Don't tell Mrs. Foster.
Cubfansince1957: Tillman obviously isn't.
Maelvampyre: I'm throwing up softballs tonight
Cubfansince1957: And we're hittin' em.

It's illegal to set fire to your mother, even if she's speedy.
T.Moore: Foster is fast. But the D is fast too
nfts: So is my Mother! Oh burn.
Fallen2far: wait….um….. there’s a way of reading that that’s illegal in most states.

Black. 2 of them.
dsenchi: We need to start imposing our will on these tough guys from Texas
Bear Naked: willy*

The Maelvampyre and Just Dave show continues.
Maelvampyre: Refs are letting them play
Just Dave: Which is good otherwise we’d be sitting here watching nothing.
Maelvampyre: I always thought that was a silly expression

I think bitching is normal when they're not calling it entirely in our favour, at which point we can laud them for being so fair about it.
Ditka's Stache: There should be a rule: No bitching about officiating when they are calling it equally

Yeah. Wait, what?
DutchBear: Jay [Edit: martz]ing Cutler does not slide...EVER
DutchBear: Which I actually like but might not be the best thing for him
Bear Naked: its like a dirty fetish that you love, but arent proud of

Mike Pereira said the lines shown on TV are too inaccurate for the officials to rely on them.
Ditka's Stache: Lets stop complaining about the refs peeps
Allie: having the chance to review is great but the idea that the fan in the stadium with an iphone gets more information than the ref is kinda insane.

Needs no introduction.
suckmyditka: I really don't like Hines Ward
Just Dave: He doesn't like you either
Robert Rence: He's got the death sentence in twelve systems!

That's another reason I stay out of the game threads...

Allie: worst. nickname. giving. site. ever.

Stomach pump advised.

T.J. Shouse: Anyone else playing the Kellen Davis drinking game? When he screw up, do a shot. I’m soooooooooo hammered.

I've heard The Walking Dead is a good series...

Maelvampyre: Wade Philips has been reanimated!

And they say Marinelli is a master motivator!

crackedcactus: Come on OLine. Pretend the DLine has twinkies hidden on them
B.B.BH: This would only work for J’Marcus
Koios': J'Marcus is more of a butterfinger's fan...

Then we could call him some variant of "clubfoot", which would at least cut down on the dilfy "Good as Gould" dilf that people use and which makes me slightly glad when he misses. Then it annoys me that this dilfy phrase has driven me to that reaction. Martz you, people.

Ditka's Stache: What would that have been, a 53 yd FG?
suckmyditka: 63 I think
gafferland: Robbie Gould should saw off half of his foot for the good of the team.


Maelvampyre: Perhaps running the ball should be explored
crackedcactus: They tried. Twice.
Maelvampyre: Yep, twice is a good solid effort.

Wanda's a lucky girl.
Bears-Cubs Bulls: I think we have one run play in the book, seem to always try that same run through the same gap
Maelvampyre: Reminiscent of my honeymoon night

I've not seen Sin City...
Ditka's Stache: Matt Schaub looks like that yellow villian from Sin city
MidWayMonster54: Big Bird ?
Maelvampyre: No, Bart Simpson

Inside the mind of Maelvampyre...
Maelvampyre: That chocolate female M&M is looking pretty good after a few shots
T.J. Shouse: wow. You know she's not naked, right?
Maelvampyre: I made that same mistake on my honeymoon. Much to my wife's chagrin.
T.J. Shouse: You hit on an M&M on your honeymoon? Dick move, man.

Allie's picky.
gafferland: I just did the Clay Matthews thing. I wasn’t trying to. I wasn’t thinking about Clay Matthews. It’s just … It happened.
Allie: good lord thats an ugly man
gafferland: Oh, You're one of those girls who will only date a guy if he has a neck.

I can't keep up with game thread conversations, either.
Allie: its the long stringy boring blond hair that he's bizarrely proud of that really offends me.
Shuggs: I can’t grow my hair beyond my neck, it becomes a nuisance. I don’t know how he can….
Kay Paradiso: Physical determination to look like a tool.
Allie: long & stringy is nothing to be proud of
T.J. Shouse: Are we still talking about weiners?

Short memory, or just blanked it all out?
BearNecessities: Coming away with a loss tonight would be such a waste of this defense
T.J. Shouse: pfft, we’ve been doing that for years!

MidWayMonster54: Only in 70's pr0n ....

Jessica312: Robbie missed???? That’s it, the football gods officially don’t want us to win. Who do we gotta sacrifice to turn things around?
Shuggs: I virgin woman......but I am not going to ask any of the women.
T.J. Shouse: Ha, you're a virgin woman. The truth is out.
Kay Paradiso: Can't we just have a virgin man? I’m sure they’re easier to find.
Just Dave: On this site? Swing a dead cat and you’ll hit three…
T.J. Shouse: Hahahaha - Wait, only 3?

This would explain a lot...
Allie: on nights like this one i miss knox. he’d get the return and just run staight, devin always likes to do loops and circles.
Jessica312: It's like he thinks he's gonna confuse the other team. But just makes himself dizzy in the process

Allie: at some point i'll get used to it, but marshall is a big dude.

Won't somebody think of the virgins?
jetcitybearfan: Who was Soup throwing to?
Just Dave: You. Catch the [Edit: martz]ing thing. Shuggs is a virgin. That is all.

WCG staffer steps up to the plate...
NolesBearsHeatChelsea: please TJ, peanut, lach,briggs,pep score a td ad bail us out
T.J. Shouse: ok, I'll try,

You guys should check out the Weekend Den more often.
Maelvampyre: That redhead makes me lust for portabella mushrooms
B.B.BH: lonely bro?
Maelvampyre: Just hungry
Cubfansince1957: I'll bet you'd drink her bath water.
Just Dave: I'll portabella her mushrooms if you know what I'm sayin'

Halftime dump?
B.B.BH: If Campbell can pull this off. I will reserve a special place in my for him.
dsmikey: In your what? Wait I don’t think I want to know the answer.
juperee: Is this a mad lib? Pancreas!
Just Dave: Your husband pees sitting down. I need levity…
juperee: Dag, yo. After hundreds of comments, my only lasting legacy to WCG is that my husband pees sitting down. Sigh.

I'm so glad we're not POD or Acme. They whine all the time in their in-game threads, I've heard, and it'd be pretty martzing tiresome to have to wade through it all.

nfts: These Refs have money on the Texans.
guy incognito: wtf so, there was the illegal contact on the INT, and now this. we’re getting screwed by the refs thus far
LostInSTL: the Texans have no penalties…they are perfect? [Edit: MARTZ]ING WRONG!
NolesBearsHeatChelsea: refs are screwing us over AT HOME
Nih1lus: seriously. these refs are screwing us hard. not calling anything.
LostInSTL: It's illegal... to call penalties on the Texans…silly fans
NolesBearsHeatChelsea: feels like an away gamw with these refs
BearNecessities: WOW CONFIRMED! refs have a line in vegas
LostInSTL: much more can the refs [Edit: martz] us????
LostInSTL: [Edit: MARTZ] THE REFS..................... cheating ass mother [Edit: martz]ers
LostInSTL: SO...time for the refs to cheat some more…I predict more PI call in the second half..AGAINST the BEARS…
LostInSTL: SO...when do they call holding on the Texans o-line…
guy incognito: these refs are ridiculous tonight. they NEVER miss anything we do, but they call nothing against houston

And there was a ton more of that in the 3,100+ comments. All I can say is: thank you to those of you who tried to inject a little sense into the thread.

Beer Down!: all this bitchin and moaning, blaming refs, Ditka, rain, saying we gave the game to houston, is the exact stuff we ridicule them for. Just some perspective…..

The fake Twitter accounts were comparatively quiet this week!

- Just replaced Mike Tice's game film with Chocolate Load Lovers.
- I've seen wetter.
- Doc says I'm gonna sugar pony tank top.
- Someone tell Caleb Hanie to stop being black.
- Put me crack slim, Luggie. Boot me snap thin.
- Opie, put me pack tin.
- Due to my injury, I have cancelled today's J-Cutty and the Weiner Patrol Whacky Drivetime Radio Hour.

- FYI Tillman was flagged with a "Delay of Baby" penalty at the start of tonight's game.
- Gonna give the concussion test to Hester too to see if that's why he doesn't run forward.

- Antonio Cromartie says Jets will make the playoffs, however in his defense, 13 of his kids play on youth football teams named the Jets.

A tough 49ers game on MNF and it could be the Battle of the Backup QBs. Epic!