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Texans' Tim Dobbins fined $30,000 for hit on Jay Cutler

The NFL came down hard on Houston Linebacker Tim Dobbins, leveling a $30,000 fine for his malicious hit on Jay Cutler.

Jonathan Daniel

Houston Texans linebacker Tim Dobbins may disagree with it, but the NFL dropped a $30,000 fine on him for his unnecessary hit on Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. I'm sure you've been following the story from the delusional Robbins, he claims Cutler is at fault. Here's what Dobbins said from Comcast SportsNet Chicago;

"I did not hit him in his head, and actually he ran into me," Dobbins said. "I just felt like he was going to take off and run with the ball and I thought he was past the line."

That's one of the dumbest excuses ever uttered in the history of the NFL.

I can understand Dobbins wanting to go high on the hit, in order to disrupt the pass, but to use that lame-ass excuse is pretty pathetic.

If Dobbins really did think Cutler was past the line, as he says, then why go high on the hit anyway? He would then probably want to tackle the ball carrier.

Still no official word from the Bears about Cutler's availability for Monday Night, but stay tuned to WCG for any updates.