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Jay Cutler OUT versus San Francisco this week

Jay Cutler will not play this week versus San Francisco

Jonathan Daniel

It's official. Per

LM: #Bears have announced that QB Jason Campbell will start Monday night's game at San Francisco.

Not the news Chicago Bears fans wanted to hear, but the better move for the players' safety. Lovie Smith made it abundantly clear that no one will be put on the ball field unless they are without a doubt good to go, and with this being a head injury for Cutler (the latest of several), Smith is making the smart play.

This means that veteran Jason Campbell will get his first full shot to lead this football team, and will be doing so in prime time on arguably the biggest stage in professional sports, Monday Night Football. The Bears hope to establish themselves as the top contender in the NFC, and Campbell hopes to fill a role that will cause some other NFL teams to take notice. He has stated that he wants to start somewhere in the league, and he is only in Chicago for a one-season stint (unless, of course, he is re-signed for another), so he will get a significant shot Monday night.

Stay tuned...