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Bears 7, 49ers 32: The Best of WindyCityGridiron's In-Game Threads

All the best of your jibber-jabber from the game thread.


"It's fun to stay at the..."

Well, that game was a big bag of [Bear Naked's favourite thing], wasn't it? Were the performances in the in-game threads any better than on the field? Let's see...

Still a competitor at the age of 73.
T.Moore: Do it for DA COACH
David Taylor: Harbaugh had a irregular heartbeat... so Ditka went and one-up’d him with a stroke.

We never found out who it was he was talking about, if not Jim Harbaugh.
Dils: Alright everyone! Get ready to root for one of the Bears top #5 QBs in franchise history!!
T.J. Shouse: Jim Harbaugh?
Dils: Lol. He wish.

This was before the game. Now, with the benefit of hindsight and Aldon Smith's 5.5 sacks against our overmatched OTs...
Dils: Just think... 5 years ago we would have killed for a QB as good as Jason Campbell. Sad but probably true.
T.J. Shouse: no, its definitely true
C-Razzle: We still want John St. Clair.
Dane Noble: #Banned.

ESPN gets no love.
T.J. Shouse: Dilfer... shut it
northernsails: I wish there was a special mute button on the remote specifically for Chucky.
T.J. Shouse: a [bulldilf] filter for all ESPN programming would be great
BOBdaBEAR: Would that not just block the entire suite of ESPN channels?
T.J. Shouse: My thoughts exactly

"I wouldn't go so far as to call the brother fat, I mean he got a weight problem."
T.J. Shouse: Keyshawn Johnson looks like he ate all the remaining Twinkies

The opposition'll never expect it!
Bear Naked: lovie smith time out right about now
David in Maine: Before the game starts? Interesting strategy!

Avril Lavigne The future Mrs Chad Kroeger video week? ThorCo'll be happy.

Kay Paradiso: Someone asked me today: "You like Punk Rock? Like Avril Lavigne? Punk Rock Princess?" No. No. No.

And lo, the game did kick off, and things went downhill fast, but one person did at least find a silver lining...
Bear Naked: yesss! more urlacher commercials!

No context provided, but it drew a few TWSSes.

DaHamsta: That was an annoying angle

Harsh, but fair.

ECD: Even Rodriguez couldn't hold on
Rhymenoceros: I just assumed that was Davis until I saw the jersey number.

This summed up Q1 pretty well! And possibly what was going through Jason Campbell's mind.

Bear Naked: oh mah gawd baby jeebus.

In what? In stewed what?

T.J. Shouse: Balls
BOBdaBEAR: floating
nfts: buoyantly
T.J. Shouse: in
northernsails: stewed

You don't like the long and stringy look?

Jessica312: I’m somewhat used to Oline mediocrity, but when our Dline struggles like this, I haz a sad. Hoping we can turn things around or things are bound to go from plain ugly to Clay Matthews ugly… Which is a whole lot of ugly…. shudders

From my perspective, you all look like Americans. I don't see any difference between WCG game threads and POD game threads when the respective teams are losing.
Just Dave: I hate how we must look to outsiders
T.J. Shouse: like Lions fans

I like cream corn!
Just Dave: I want a turnover.
Just Dave: Preferably apple.
Kay Paradiso: Chocolate
ed_brown: he lives in Iowa chances are it's a cream corn turnover.
Robert Rence: Can someone get me a Hostess Fruit Pie?
ed_brown: maybe you can have half of Dave's. do you like cream corn?

Bear Naked: in other news, i absolutely LOVE tices jacket

2 black... whoa?
BOBdaBEAR: Adding injury to insult?
Bear Naked: adding suck to suck to suck to suck

I shudder to think what Mael and Wanda make of this news. I really do.
Midway Bully: LOL DID WEBB JUST PULL A CHRIS WILLIAMS? [MARTZ] YOU WEBB. Gonna go take my [martzing] meds….[dilf] isn’t good right now
BOBdaBEAR: Stool hardeners?
Maelvampyre: Is there such a thing?
BOBdaBEAR: apparently.

Sometimes, you just have to be magnanimous in defeat.
T.J. Shouse: Aldon Smith sacked our left tackle and our quarterback. He should get 2 for that.

How bad was the Tice offense?
BusterK: Is available?

I thought for a moment that that was Just Dave's suggestion for a halftime talk.
Just Dave: This should be an interesting half time talk by Lovie. If I was him, I’d walk in, shake my head, and walk away. Nuff said.
Allie: yeah. i mean, what exactly can you say?
Just Dave: Hey there young lady. Nice of you to show up to this [dilf] fest.

So did I, but I don't think she would have wanted me to call her at nearly 3am.
crackedcactus: So. I just jumped to 2nd Q. How bad?
Bear Naked: i want my mommy. I WANT MY MOMMY

That could work...
gafferland: I think there should be an alternate channel where MNF games are commentated on by the guys from WWE Monday Night Raw.
T.J. Shouse: And Urlaacher's got the chair! Oh mah Gawd!

I've only ever once been booted from a virtual church for trolling. I have screencaps and everything!

LostInSTL: [Martz] this... I’m going over to christian mingle .com and trolling for 40 year old virgins!
ECD: Did Spongie hack your account?

Nobody hit it.

Dils: All these run attempts prove that Cutler audibles a lot.
75bearsfan: And moves well in a cruddy pocket.
gafferland: I know 75bearsfan just laid out the softest of softballs but let’s be mature adults and just let it roll across the plate.

Allie left us with a good one.

Allie: might be getting close to "go catch up on walking dead" time instead. at those guys are supposed to look [martzing] dead

Just Dave: Did we pull Forte or is he hurt?
Hawkeyes: No word, but it seems they think a heavy package is a better look.
T.J. Shouse: A heavy package is always a better look

Strike while the iron is hot.
Chitownproduct: Waddle is gonna have a field day tomorrow morning
75bearsfan: What does Cutler say?
Allie: 'i have a headache"?
T.J. Shouse: a 4 minute long bleep
crackedcactus: How bout that contract extension now?
Chitownproduct: Winner!

It was, as LostInSTL said, time to start drinking and just laugh at the ridiculousness of the game.

crackedcactus: So....anyone got jokes?
75bearsfan: Yes... 1) Bears offense 2) Bears defense 3) Bears coaching
crackedcactus: Do they all walk into a bar?

Taylor has his priorities.
David Taylor: I'm out. I’m gonna go focus on drinking. Typing is getting in the way of that.
crackedcactus: You're gonna miss best comeback ever. Cutty will fly onto field and shoot touchdowns out his butt. Unicorns will romp while 49ers fans will cry. Then we all stop drinking absinthe.

What, you don't like moustaches?

BearsCore: Fire Lovie and get this over with.
Dils: Yeah fire the guy who'll be 7-3 after tonight. Yeah let’s fire that dude and hire Jeff Fisher.
crackedcactus: Ick. Uglier then a two dollar whore at 8 am.

Must... resist... urge... to... listen... to... "YMCA"...
Chitownproduct: Just that kind of night lol. We suck in San Fran
Maelvampyre: Lots of folks suck in San Francisco. just sayin

This was actually about Alshon Jeffrey, but...

OneTimeUser: No point in him coming back if its nothing big.
Maelvampyre: TWSS
Beer Down!: Giggity

It's funny 'cos it's painful. Plus, everyone likes Rence.

ECD: Don't look now but we’ve got Jared Allen next week. Fantastic.
Maelvampyre: Webb's got his number
Robert Rence: 3.5 from last year, right?
Maelvampyre: hehe!

A few from the fake Twitter accounts...

- I could totally play tomorrow but I just got a manicure.
- It's just wrong that Jason Campbell never got a soup commercial.
- The guys are really friendly in San Francisco.

- Don't worry. We're bending and not breaking.... Bending a lot...
- Timeout! Time to turn the tide!.... I need a drink.
- I sure hope Jay isn't watching this montage of our O-Line. He's gonna need more therapy after it.
- We just gotta get Campbell some reps, y'all! Then we'll run the draw play to end the half.
- Our new gameplan: Stacking receivers so that overthrows just become longer passes. #MNF
- "Here Forte, please take it. Take it faster!" - The Jason Campbell Offense
- Alshon Jeffrey will not return to tonight's game because he's the smartest player on our offense. #MNF

- BREAKING: Rex Ryan's reaction to Hostess filing for bankruptcy.

So, that's your lot for this week. Vikings on Sunday and we know what we'll be seeing. Can we stop it, though?