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Chicago Bears place Chilo Rachal on Reserve/ Not Injured List

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After meeting with the offensive lineman this morning, the Bears have made their decision on Rachal.

Sam Greenwood

The Chicago Bears have officially ended Chilo Rachal's 2012 season, placing him on the Reserve/ Non-football Injury list this afternoon.

After being removed from the starting lineup yesterday, Rachal walked away from the team, only to return this morning and apologize for leaving. He was then sent home and did not practice.

Rachal was only under contract for the 2012 season, and we can safely say that his time in Chicago has come to an end.

We mentioned earlier that Gabe Carimi has also been benched, but the sophomore offensive tackle promised to keep his head up and will focus on returning to the starting lineup as soon as possible.

The team also signed Chris Riley to the practice squad.

The 2012 NFL season is looking very similar to the last several seasons in relation to the offensive line woes. Mike Tice seems to be spinning his tires in the mud, but there is plenty of season left to play.

As always, stay tuned for more updates...