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Lance Briggs Added To Bears Injured Players

After the game, Lance Briggs joined the MASH unit of Bears players.

Jonathan Daniel

The Bears suffered some significant injuries in the victory against the Vikings, but there was another one after the game ended. Lance Briggs left the stadium in a walking boot, according to Sean Jensen. Briggs played the entire game and was never noticeably pulled from it, so it's hard to say when an injury would have occurred, but unless he's making some bizarre statement about team unity through injury, it's probably a thing to watch out for as the team moves into next week's matchup against the Seahawks.

He joins Devin Hester (concussion), Matt Forte and Charles TIllman (ankles), and Chris Spencer and Lance Louis (knee sprains) as the players injured in the game. Spencer and Louis are scheduled for an MRI tomorrow, while the extent of the others' injuries is not known.

Briggs recorded seven tackles and two passes defended against the Vikings, including a key third-down breakup against Kyle Rudolph.