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Bears 28, Vikings 10: The Best of WCG's In-Game Threads

Things got ugly in the immediate aftermath of the game when it was announce they were down to the last few Twinkies in Soldier Field. (NB. Someone changed the picture on me and now this caption no longer makes sense - Spongie.)

Jonathan Daniel

A key divisional game and I didn't get in until late in the game, just in time to see the non-interception by Jennings. It was quite fun to go through the thread and try to work out what was going on. The bits that jumped out and tickled my funny bone follow...

Helluva way to start the thread. I nearly ended it here on the basis that this was going to be hard to top.
torch: Remember, remember / The Jay of Movember / Shotgun formation for naught / I cannot say / Why Matt Forte / Should not be used a lot

Pithy, sir. Pithy.
Robert Rence: At least that's three.
Just Dave: So much for the shut out.
Robert Rence: There can still be a shut out. You just wouldn’t be happy about it.
Just Dave: True

Probably wouldn't be using pics of that for the Den. Oh, who am I kidding, I'd do it just to gross people out.
C-Razzle: Geez, Griffin really tried to strip Jay on that play.....
Just Dave: Kinky
MidWayMonster54: Did he at least put a dollar in his man thong ?
C-Razzle: Of course. Concussion awareness day needs all the help it can get.

Mental floss.
Maelvampyre: Peterson fumble
Robert Rence: /facepalm
Chitownproduct: Ball Back!
Acreman20: Gross

Aha. Ha. Ha?
Just Dave: Allie????:? Open your heart girl!
Maelvampyre: The last time I asked a girl to do that, she pulled a knife on me.
C-Razzle: You didn't do it right then.
B.B.BH: I guess she wanted you to open up your Heart
Maelvampyre: TWSS

...and then Mael makes it worse.
stepeo: Hope the kid who got the ball of Bush, get's it back
Just Dave: There's just so much wrong with this...
Maelvampyre: Doesn't anyone depilate any more?

We're nothing if not logical!
T.Moore: Campbell doesn’t make those throws.
Just Dave: How can he? He’s on the bench.
LostInSTL: Especially on his back with Carimi and Webb and a pile of DEs sitting on his head!

Immanuel Kant was a real pissant who was very rarely stable...
BOBdaBEAR: Weems is deeper than Hester
Just Dave: He's just sooo philosophical...
Bears-Cubs Bulls: a regular Nietsche in Navy and Orange

View from the enemy.
Robert Rence: That was a pretty weak call. He didn’t even throw it at him. Just a light toss.
Robert Rence: 'course, I'll still take it.

But isn't the role of a (male) porn star is to get balls out quickly for the intended recipient?

Ditka's Stache: That was a Hester type run after catch
Allie: i know, right?
BigGeorgeTX: Too bad it was the wrong direction.
Allie: hence what makes it hester-esque

Good banter.
Robert Rence: Marshall takes a page from Hester. Totally fine with that.
bassist33: Still 10-3. Perfectly fine with that.
Robert Rence: (shakes fist)

BOBdaBEAR: Hester hurt?
Robert Rence: I think that was what I heard. So that Marshall run was the Hester memorial run.

Bacon > *
Allie: i went to a residential school. ever had insitutional bacon? it looks bacony. it smells bacony… it is not bacon and you will never quite trust the stuff again.
Maelvampyre: institutional sausage is worse
Just Dave: You'd know!
Maelvampyre: Sad, but true

Is it 'cos Campbell is black? THAT'S RACIST.
suckmyditka: crazy how different we look with Jay
Bears-Cubs Bulls: It is night and day
Maelvampyre: no, night and Jay

Perhaps Stepeo's feed was delayed.
bassist33: Go for it!!
Ditka's Stache: GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
T.Moore: Go for ir
mac30: go for it
FtWayneSoxFan: Goooo forrrrrr itttttt
stepeo: Is Weems short or what?

Do they like banjo music in WV?
Just Dave: Bennett just tackled himself.
Maelvampyre: That's illegal in most states with the notable exception of West Virginia

What a bad game to miss >_<
dsmikey: These 3rd down conversions are exciting! Who knew?

This sounds so terribly wrong.
torch: It's like Senior Day. everyone is getting offensive touches

If I use the tool to hide comments from people who insist on filling the game threads with crappy nicknames, I could shave an hour off the time it takes to compile this. We'd never see anything again from certain individuals, but I could live with that.

Allie: just... stop it

Dude. Or dudes, as the case may be.
Beer Down!: We need to finish on Ponder
BOBdaBEAR: kinky.

Oh, I say.
gafferland: Gonna be crowded in the Bears' cold tub later
bassist33: Sounds kinky!

Does he "Favre" you, though?
gafferland: I believe bromance is the apposite term. Mancrush denotes one-sidedness. Like me and Sean Connery. I wish he’d stop sexting me …

I wanted to laugh, but I've seen our game threads when we're losing.
chiguy8506: NOT SportsCenter ‏@NOTSportsCenter: Halftime: #Refs 31, #Packers 10. Or at least that’s how Green Bay fans see it every time they’re losing. #SNF

Poor ThorCo. Even ECD's picking on him now.
Just Dave: What is up my bitches! I am in the hizzay as they say in the vernacular.
ThorCo: You know what I was just thinking about today: How you are a teacher…what would you do if one day a student said “LONG LIVE GEISAKOB”
Just Dave: You think far too much.
ECD: By patting himself on the back and saying "At least I'm not Thorco."
Just Dave: This x 100

How ugly was Giants-Packers?
Mirabelle: There is enough ugly at this game with all the mustaches. No need to show Clay Matthews face too. That’s got to be a violation of FCC rules.
ThorCo: I have norwegian relatives that have troll dolls that look exactly like him

Fake Lovie had a few tweets about the game...

- Hester couldn't pass a concussion test on any day. But hey... any excuse to get him off the field.
- To be honest I had completely forgotten that Matt Spaeth was on the roster. Incredible!
- Say what you want about Ponder. He throws a beautiful bounce pass.
- ALERT: The Chicago Bears have a receiver with over 1,000 yards on the season! #TheMayansWereRight
- Just received word that one of the Soldier Field ball boys is limping to the locker room.
- Don't worry y'all. I've got pads on under my hoodie if I'm needed in the 4th quarter.
- Death. Taxes. Davis dropping the ball while falling down.

Seattle visit on Sunday. Briggs versus Beast mode? Be there.